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Welcome from Randy Dominguez & Presentation of Agenda

Jennifer Campbell

Jake Webb-  Ally Presentation

Student Preview

  • Alternative accessible versions, instructor feedback, and institutional reporting
  • Demo of PDF—challenges
    • Not tagged, not able to jump from one section to another
    • Two-column reading, student not able to read because the reader doesn’t jump from one point to another
    • Ally—created alternative formats with chevron
      • Screen reader will pick up on it
      • Student can download, HTML ePub Electronic braille or Audio version
        • Most accessible is probably HTML version
        • Semantic mark-up--- injected automatically
          • Provides context to screen-reader and audio-based format of information
          • Table built out using semantic mark-up as an actual table
          • Reduce burden of recreating the documents from scratch
      • Ally resolves a lot of the issues--- usually about 15-20 seconds after document is uploaded
      • Instructors are able to download the variety of formats

**Jake will double-check to clarify whether Ally automatically converts upon upload or whether or not it waits until someone clicks on it to make it available.

                ---Confirmed alternative formats are generated when the student clicks to download the content

            Instructor View

  • Shows accessibility of the documents/content which has been uploaded
  • Can go in and will help you on writing a good description for accessibility
    • Additionally emphasizes context for deeper understanding
    • Demonstrates different contexts in which the content is placed
  • Access to Ally Report
    • Data which is exportable
    • Chart on term by term, month to month, or year by year
      • Average score without ally
      • Average score with ally
    • Other indicators around usage
      • Based upon the courses
      • Number of files and file types
      • Average accessibility score; Those with/without Ally
      • See the types of issues institution’s having issues with based on severe, major minor as determined by WC3
      • Drill down into courses and resolve issues etc.; go to course directly from report

Administrative View

Contact: Jacob.webb@blackboard.com  if you have more ?s about ALLY

Jake Webb


Christala Smith- Student Orientation Training Presentation

Template to enforce that Orientation

Graduate Orientation Demo

  • Takes most students almost 4-6 hours to complete
  • Have access up to 6 weeks before class and have to finish before class even starts
  • Badge with a Progress Bar--- must take a screenshot to show the 27/27 in progress bar
    • Instructors are tasked with clearing attempts if Orientation has not been completed
      • Like unexcused absence
      • Must decide whether or not work is accepted late or counted off
    • Graduate program--- put it in as a test
      • Way to know whether it’s their first course or not

Call for sharing course templates/ orientation ideas

Christala Smith



Rhonda Holt- okieBUG community site

  • Welcome Tab/Page
    • Discussion starters, feature poll, okieBug Resources, helpful links= Collaborate Room link, Leadership, upcoming events, news to use, & blogs
    • Activity Tab/Page
      • Recent activity of users, discussions outside the group if broadly posted, featured content & upcoming events as well as “helpful links” to other Bb Sources
    • Content Tab/Page
      • All content posted to the site; sortable by categories or actions
    • People Tab/Page
      • Shows all people who are members and/or owners of the site
    • Reports Tab/Page
      • Shows activity of our users and most useful content
    • Events Tab
      • Shows upcoming events and the calendar; allows for additional events types

Tabular Items—located on far right of banner

  • Following
    • Allows you to follow via the community site and/or your inbox, stop following, or leave the group
    • Actions
      • Allows you to create and interact within the site; share the group; invite other members (still need approval from leadership)
      • Create via email
    • Icon
      • Gives more information about our community site
    • Cog
      • Depends on type of user--- provides different options for changing settings

Best advice is to explore, explore, explore!  The tabs and links all do a variety of things, so just venture around and try different things.

Rhonda Holt


Scott Hurrey- Partner Cloud


  • Server run out remotely--- Building Block talks to Partner Cloud Service to make those links happen
  • Clearinghouse--- think of it like an App store
    • Publishers/non-publishers post there stuff on there for connections to work across the three different deployments
  • Bundled with a product--- building and maintaining in real-time as new partners are wanting to come on-board
    • Ability to do this outside of the updates
    • Sometimes cannot be added without going to a certain version/etc.
  • Back-end of partner cloud where they integrate
    • Traditional LTI Tools with a few extras to make them function
    • LTI to Partner Cloud and Partner Cloud to Server
  • Pushing LTI to REST with partners and users
    • Win-win for you as a client
    • Publisher or partner you’re using--- don’t have to worry about bugs and getting them fixed with a rolling restart
    • Makes the most sense for security and usage stand-points
    • Don’t have to write java to make a tool run in Blackboard, etc.
    • All of it happens outside of Blackboard & doesn’t crash your learn system
  • Doesn’t mean building blocks are going anywhere
    • As new integrations come up, they are being recommended to go the REST route

Scott Hurrey



Jennifer Campbell, Christala Smith, Jake Webb, Rita Vela, Scott Hurrey, @Joe Jacobson, @Janet Cairns, Jake Boedecker, @Chris Burton, Don Mercer, Rhonda Holt, @Sean Dean, @Erik Harris


P.S.  Sorry if I missed someone or didn't get you tagged correctly.  Please let me know and/or make updates if I missed or misunderstood something in the recap.