PRESENTATION: Improving your institutional readiness for learning analytics workshop

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Andy Ramsden (Senior Strategic Consultant, Strategy & Transformation Services, Blackboard Inc) & Chad Kainz (Principal Strategist, Strategy & Transformation Services, Blackboard, Inc.)



The broad aims of this workshop are to transfer ideas and approaches for how you may both assess and improve your institutional readiness for implementing and/or scaling up you learning analytics initiatives.


This is achieved through: (1) identifying the key determinants of readiness through discussing the findings from 16 institutional assessments undertaken by Blackboard Consultancy in the UK Higher Education Sector, (2) developing a self assessment tool which you can use at your institution, and (3) developing a three step model you can use to drive adoption within your institution. The workshop is based on a version of one we have delivered at many campuses around the world. At campuses where we have led this kind of 3-day workshop the feedback has been, it’s been extremely important in shaping a more scaleable solution for an institution to implement their analytics solution


The assessment of institutional readiness will encompass strategy readiness, technical readiness and cultural readiness, including policy, processes, systems and people. The self assessment tool will draw upon existing Learning Analytics maturity models to provide a quick indication of readiness and a mechanism to promote discussions with senior managers within your institution.


This is intended as a collaborative group workshop, where the expected outcome is you’ll be able to return to your institution and implement these good practices.


Presented at the 2018 Blackboard Analytics Symposium