Add UniversityID and the AdvisorEmailAddress to Stage.DimAdvisor and Final.DimAdvisor

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Customization Overview:


This customization adds two additional fields to the Stage.DimAdvisor and Final.DimAdvisor and provides both the UniversityID and the AdvisorEmailAddress columns. This modification along with the supporting stage procedures to update and maintain this data in the DimAdvisor tables via the ETL, enables a customization inside the SSAS cube exposing the two elements in a way that enables the Email from hierarchy feature within Pyramid publications.


Customization Contents:


  •   Custom.Sources
    • CustomSource.GOXEXCH
  •   Custom.Scripts
    • Alter.DimAdvisor.EmailAddress
    • Alter.DimAdvisor.UniversityID
  •   Custom.StoredProcedures
    • CustomStage.HelperDimAdvisorStage
  • readme.txt
  • DimAdvisor_Email.ppsx (PowerPoint Presentation covering SSAS customization)


  NOTE: The scripts in this file were generated by the following templates.


  •   Common.Create Custom Source Table.sql
  •   Common.Add Attribute to Dimension Table.sql