December Meeting

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  • Rita Vela-Blackboard CSA-- welcoming all and explanation of what the User Group is


Box Presentation

Trey Buck review of available information on Transition from Crocodoc to Box

  • Official ending of Crocodoc January 15, 2018
  • Released a number of versions of Blackboard Learn with ability to switch to Box
  • After you switch, no support for going back to Crocodoc
  • Microservice--- Blackboard built middleware to facilitate communication between Box and Blackboard servers

Interactions impacting delegated and anonymous grading


More on Transition of Inline Grading



     What to Expect

    • Supports submission of video and audio files
      • Programming code files are readable
    • New Box is working on drawing annotations with updates
      • Will keep us up-to-date on that
    • Cannot yet download annotations with the file
    • Print Function available rather than using the Browser to print
    • Students cannot annotate
      • Some considerations around delegated and anonymous grading before it can become available
    • Bb Grader--- can use, but there is a workaround
    • Anyone with grading rights can make comments/reply to annotations on the student assignment
      • No way to know whether or not someone has responded at this time (TA or anyone with grading rights since students cannot make replies or comments at this time)
    • Community Link to more information

Video Submission.png


Survey on Topics for Management of Content/etc.

Survey sent out with only a few responses:

  • Link
    • Please follow the link and take the brief survey to give facilitators a better idea of what we want as a community


Community-- Meeting Invites

Feel free to forward the invites out for the various topics.

  • Not all meetings will be geared towards everyone, and some examples as follows:
    • Admins
    • Faculty
    • Instructional Designers

Discussion on Current Course & Content Archival Process (SaaS)

NSU- Chad

  • Not quite been on SaaS for a year yet
  • Keep 2 years of courses
    • Ask instructors to archive courses they’d like to keep outside of that window
  • Do not store gradebooks or any information outside of the archives
    • Faculty expected to download own records for their own keeping
  • Not heard of orphaned folder content


Randy--- asked about archiving Syllabus and Gradebooks in the Content Collection anywhere?


Murray State College- Don Mercer

  • Have Faculty export the excel spreadsheet and archive outside on an external “network folder”
    • End of semester--- syllabus are uploaded to self-evaluation- taskstream- for each course

TCC- Randy

  • TCC--- syllabi emailed--- stored in folder on content system--- made publicly available for previous semester and such
    • Only keep about a year or so previously on Blackboard
    • Blackboard--- stored in personal content area--- give permissions to special account belonging to academic affairs
    • Instructor never releases final grade book outside of their personal content area
      • Access only given in cases of grade challenge or something like that
  • Tour of Okie-BUG--- community Group
    • Upcoming Events
    • Action Items
    • Featured Poll
    • Resources
    • Helpful Links
    • … and so much more!


Open Floor Discussion

  • Emmah with Blackboard--- jumped on to ask if anyone has questions or concerns
    • Trouble joining the group mentioned by a few users
    • Emmah fixed and changed it to a private group where membership is by approval only instead of completely private
    • Blackboard Catalyst Awards


Future Meetings

1st Friday of the Month @ 11 AM CST


Anyone Using Ultra Yet

NSU is the only one in OK that he’s aware of--- using the experience of Ultra, but sticking to using Classic View

    • Several private institutions are considering move in 2018
    • In a holding pattern for using Ultra at the current moment in time

TCC using Ultra view on Test Server and planning for May 2018 implementation on production

    • Will give instructors the options for Original or Ultra in Fall
      • § Want to steer towards Ultra, but not making it a requirement as we transition


Attending participants:

Christala Smith Randy Dominguez Trey Buck Chad McLane Jake Boedecker Rhonda Holt Rita Vela Emmah Schramke @Chris Burton @Don Mercer @Erik Harris @Jeremy Bennett @Tom Quiring

Chris Burton (OK Bb Account Exec)

Don Mercer

Erik Harris – NSU


Jeremy Bennett(ECU)

Tom Quiring

Wendy #2