BbWorld: A WordPress WorkShop at BbWORLD!?

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This will be an interactive workshop, perfect for anyone supporting, working on, building with, or responsible for a WordPress-based system or integration.

The content will be based on real-world case studies. FlowPress' Chief Engineer, Bart Dabek will share a study of a University with over 4,000 WordPress sites on a Multisite Network. Bart will use this case to provide insight into how the FlowPress team diagnosed a series of challenges and implemented the solutions to mitigate them. You’ll walk away with a clear sense of how to manage a complex WordPress environment.

Then, participate in a group discussion about scaling WordPress in a higher education environment. We'll address issues and frustrations related to performance, integration (with Blackboard and other systems), reliability, security, development speed, and stakeholder success.
You will leave our session with:
- Actionable insights into developing faster and more reliably for WordPress
- A manual and working knowledge of our framework for properly auditing your WordPress systems and planning for repairs and improvements
- A tool or two to better quantify the success of your environment and;
- A number of plugin recommendations

Presenters: Bart Dabek & Ben Fox, FlowPress