What it really takes - using analytics to drive student success

Version 3

    Initiatives to improve the student learning experience are critical to institutional success. When that learning experience is happening in Blackboard Learn, those units who support Blackboard are called upon to help plan, implement, support, and engage the academic community in gathering and applying learner analytics. This panel, composed of three institutions, will share their lessons, challenges, and opportunities discovered during the consulting and implementation process of Blackboard’s Outcomes Assessment, Analytics tools, and EAC Visual Data. Participants will learn about campus readiness strategies that can lead to sustainable support and successful campus rollout of these tools.



    Corrie Bergeron, Instructional Desinger/Blackboard System Administrator, Lakeland Community College

    Lynne Gabriel, Assessment Coordinator & Professor of Psychology, Lakeland Community College

    Kristen Huff, Instructional Designer, Marshall University

    Paula Kaplan, Instructional Designer, Marshall University

    Ruth Newberry, Principal Education Consultant, Assessment, CBE, and T&L Strategy, Blackboard

    Terry Patterson, Curriculum, Assessment and Technology Specialist, University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College