BbWorld: Blackboard outcomes for full-scale general education outcomes assessment

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San Jacinto College, a multi-campus college district with 30,000+ students, uses Blackboard Outcomes to do college-wide, LEAP VALUE rubric-based assessment of general education outcomes. In its third year of full scale implementation in 2016-2017, the College assessed three outcomes college-wide. Blackboard Outcomes facilitated the entire process of: collecting ~53,000 samples of student work, sampling ~1000 documents to be assessed three times each, distributing student documents electronically to 100 faculty evaluators, supporting data entry for all assessment data for each document, and exporting data for analysis. This session will detail the process with a focus on the technical capabilities of Blackboard Outcomes that make the collection of evidence a non-factor in the college’s assessment processes (the process was facilitated by one person with limited time investment). Limitations and needed future enhancements of Blackboard Outcomes will also be discussed.


Presenter: Niki Whiteside