BbWorld: Your momma only wished she had these tools! Maintaining academic integrity in a digital age

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More than half of teenagers say they cheated on a test during the previous year. While this is an alarming statistic, the bigger issue is that if such behavior goes unchallenged in high school, then it is likely to continue into college.

From an instructional design perspective, there are strategies and best practices we can implement that will discourage students from cheating and assist them in following a more ethical path. Additionally, Blackboard has many built-in tools we can utilize to make it more difficult for students to cheat.

Despite our best efforts, however, there may be students who cross the line into unethical behavior. In those cases, we need to identify them in order to take corrective action. Once again, there are best practices and tools we can utilize to gather the necessary information.

Presenter: David Halpin