BbWorld: Humanized analytics: Visualizing student progress with data-driven RoadMap™

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As the cost of education continues to rise, institutions of higher learning have a greater challenge in demonstrating value and return on investment. To address these challenges, the Fox School of Business at Temple University created RoadMap™ – an interactive dashboard that deconstructs traditional grade reporting to visualize student progress and development across a number of competencies and skills.

RoadMap is unique in terms of academic progress reporting because it takes into account the reinforcement of concepts throughout the curriculum and measures the re-occurrence of a competency as it is expressed in subsequent coursework. Additionally, RoadMap is fully integrated with Blackboard. Using the RoadMap engine, data that originates in Blackboard can be easily aggregated across courses. While students can review their own competency data from course to course, administrators can aggregate data across courses, programs and departments, making RoadMap an invaluable tool for curriculum management and assurance of learning.


Presenter: Matthew Palladinetti Cliff Tironi & Christine Kiely from Temple University