DevCon: Managed hosting: Does it work? Will I get access to my data?

Version 2

    University of Illinois at Chicago adopted the managed hosting environment in 2012 and has been successful in important user support improvements and stability of operations. While employing GAs and undergraduate students in the support structure the resolution time for Blackboard tickets was reduced from two weeks to a few hours. Deep integrations have been created for event driven user synchronization. A number of OSCELOT projects are being sponsored and developed in a staging managed hosted system. The experience and collaboration with managed hosted team allowed for strong support of Blackboard Learn adoption on campus. The panel will include representative from Grand Valley State University, where initial deployment to Managed Hosting was later reversed to again become self-hosted.



    Landen Dixon, Support Specialist, University of Illinois

    Eric Kunnen, Software Engineer, Grand Valley State

    Szymon Machajewski, Jedi, University of Illinois at Chicago