Discover what works best for Adjunct/PT Faculty training

Version 2

    Faculty development, along with enhancing the teaching and learning journey, are key when presenting new innovative tools for higher education. Blackboard provides an engaging teaching and learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. However, it is an ongoing challenge to reach part-time faculty, because they are not available for in-person workshops and consultation. So what types of resources work well for giving them the training and support?

    With a panel consisting of Blackboard support specialists, faculty, and administrators, we discussed how colleges can better engage in adjunct faculty outreach, provide appropriate resources, and garner faculty feedback.



    Regena Aye, Dean for Online Learning, Allen Community College

    Sarah Blake, Chapman University, Blackboard Support Specialist

    Bill Harlow, Senior Manager of Instructional Technology and User Experience, Ultimate Medical Academy

    Natalina Parker, Blackboard Specialist, California Lutheran University

    Sarah Sproule, Instructional Designer, Roosevelt University