DevCon: From 0 to 60, getting started with building block development and Data Access Objects

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Building Blocks in Learn have allowed us to ease the transition from ANGEL to Learn for our faculty. In several instances we have encountered a need to develop custom database objects. While we'd be happy to create SQL queries, this would result in a building blocks that would be less portable and that may not work in a different environments. Fortunately, the Building Block framework allows us to develop code that is database agnostic, simplifying our code and making it easier for us to test and deploy our tools across a variety of environments. This presentation will provide an overview of creating custom database objects using the schema.xml file, and creating associated POJOs and DAO interfaces to interact with the custom tables. It will include tips learned and tricks we've developed as we've learned how to better work with these tools to help streamline our processes.


Presenter: Chris Filkins