Step by Step Brand Creation

Version 2

    Follow these steps to create your first Role-based Brand

    Getting started

    Before you start

    Have the Themes and Color Palettes you customized or not, uploaded and ready to be chosen

    For Role-based either utilize default Roles or create your own Roles before starting this process

    For Host-based set up your hosts before starting this process

    For Hybrid-based get your Hosts and Roles set up before starting this process

    It's also a good idea to have your Tab Groups and Modules set up for the appropriate roles you will use later on as well.


    Creating a Role-based Brand

    Host-Based or Hybrid-based will not be described here. Because it’s all the same with just a couple of different fields to fill up.

    Hybrid-brands are just a mix of Roles and Host-based

    Steps to create

    Click the “System Admin” Tab

    Click the “Brands and Themes” link located under “Communities”

    Click the “Manage Brands” link

    Click the “Create Brand” Button

    Fill in the “Brand Name”

    Pick the Host if applicable from the drop down list or create a new host name (But I would suggest you get your hosts created first)

    Failure to set the appropriate Host can result in errors, these errors will not tell you that this is the problem

    Select the role that will see this Brand



    Continued Steps to Create

    Click the “Save and Customize” button

    You can click the “Submit” button, but if you do so, you will have to then go to “Manage Brands” click the chevron next to the created brand and click “Customize”

    You are now modifying the Brand, you will have three tabs “Themes and Colors”, “Customize Colors”, and “Navigation Settings”

    If your Themes and Color Palettes are set up, utilize the “Themes and Colors” tab to pick the theme and color palette you wish.


    If you have any last minute changes to the Colors, or you want to install background images and such. Click the “Customize Colors” tab and make your changes as you see wish


    Now click the “Navigation Settings” tab

    This is the most important area you need to make sure is right

    Set up the default areas in any way you see fit.

    Since you are setting up a Role-based Brand you MUST make sure the role are is selected here

    Failure to set the appropriate Role can result in errors, these errors will not tell you that this is the problem

    Click the “Apply All Changes” button

    Click the “Submit” button

    You’re brand is complete.

    To test, login with a user that was assigned the Role you added to this brand and you should see the changes automatically