Learn 2016 Theme - CSS gallery

Version 3

    Recently we received a great contribution to the process of 2016 Theme adoption.  Wade Weichel posted a tutorial, and associated files:

    Tutorial: Simple customization of the Learn 2016 Theme using Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

    CSS Master Files for Learn 2016 Theme customization


    I believe, what the community would benefit from are sample customized .zip files of complete themes from customers who already modified them.  We have a number of threads in developer and other spaces here, which contain fixes, hacks, and other tricks for the CSS theme.  However, it would be great to have examples of working packages.  This way we could all start from a version that best meets specific needs.


    So, if you're up for that, please post your version of the complete .zip file.


    In order to add a file in a discussion please post a document, then link it in a comment below.  To start a new document: