New Release! 3200.4.0 Ultra

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New Release! 3200.4.0 Ultra

Release highlights include:

  • Test randomization
    To support practice/drilling activities as well helping to avoid academic dishonesty, instructors will change the order that test questions are displayed to individual students. This capability will permit this randomization of the order of questions within a test. In a future release, we will provide an option to randomize the order of question answers as well.
  • Attachments in Discussions, Questions, Feedback, and Comments
    Faculty and students want the ability to include images, files, and other content when making submissions, creating assignments, and interacting within Discussions, questions, feedback, and conversations on object. Inserting multimedia allows students and faculty to engage in richer communication and expression within Ultra.
  • Discussion Forum Insights
    Instructors want to understand the contribution—or sometimes lack of contribution!—of students in a discussion to encourage participation and help assess student contribution for a grade. The Discussion forum insights provide a top-down window in to the activity happening within a discussion. Information available includes: word count, top participating students, top activity, and average grade (if a graded discussion). 
  • Time Zone Visibility
    Institutions that deliver education across the globe need clear visibility of times and time zones within Ultra from the perspective of each instructor and student. This enhancement brings transparency to displayed times, showing the time zone information relative to the user viewing that time within critical areas such as assessments and student submissions. Note: time zone behavior in Ultra remains unchanged, recording all times in UTC time and then normalizing that time relative to the end user’s time zone.
  • Profile redesign
    Students and instructors need a way to access and update their personal information and settings quickly and easily. In this release, we've redesigned the profile in the Ultra experience to do that. Now users can edit their personal information, contact information, and system settings in one place. The new design reduces the number of clicks and screens a user had to navigate to edit their profile.
  • Accessibility update to the login screen
    The Learn Ultra login screen has been updated to improve accessibility. Previously, the username and password labels disappeared when the user added their credentials in these fields. Now, these labels persist. Most institutions don’t need to do anything to see this change, but those with custom login pages should update their page with a line of JavaScript. Details here.
  • Guest Access to Original Courses and Catalog API
    Original courses appearing in environments with Ultra base navigation activated may now be accessed by unauthenticated guests when properly configured. Additionally, a new public REST API has been added that allows Ultra clients to directly access needed information to populate a custom-created course catalog. When used together, clients that have activated Ultra but are still using Original courses now have better control over how they expose and enable guest access to those Original courses by unauthenticated guest users.
  • LTI 2.0 Technical Preview
    Partners, customers, and Blackboard can use the LTI 2.0 specification to create solution integrations that are accessible from various access points in both the Ultra and Original experiences. Specifically, the LTI 2 registration (tool proxy) services are supported along with the results service for returning scores to the gradebook. Other LTI services and specifications including Content Item messages and Gradebook services (formerly Rich Outcomes) are not supported at this time. 
  • Course Copy improvements for LTI links

During course copy, the source course ID and content ID are tracked and the parameters are passed along with the launch in the respective history parameters. LTI 1.1 tool providers able to process this additional data can reconcile links so they no longer break. Export/import scenarios may also be improved in some circumstances.

  • Maintenance and Miscellaneous updates

Please check the full release notes or Behind the Blackboard for details.