BREAKOUT: University of Edinburgh - Learn at Grande Scale: Managing the Environment and Schools Requirements - PRES: Multiple

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Myles Blaney

Ross Ward



The session will cover how the University of Edinburgh has configured and managed Learn to scale for large deployment. The University of Edinburgh has over 25k students, 5k staff, 22 schools that all require differing configurations and each have diverse requirements for how they use Blackboard Learn to deliver teaching, learning and assessment in their context.


Learn has numerous tools that allow IS to devolve certain core functionality to schools allowing them to create school themed learning experiences. This session will cover the implementation of the Institutional hierarchy, communities, institutional roles and the benefits these tools have provided in managing schools, and some of the lessons learned from managing school and centralised requirements.


We will also provide some insight into the role of support teams who are centrally based and those who support Learning Technology within the schools and programmes. The University of Edinburgh has developed a strong community of practice for Blackboard Learn which aims to establish channels of communication, provide feedback on how the system is used, and offer a chance to share experiences in new developments that are being explored.