BREAKOUT: Laureate Online Education - Designs for Agile Student and Staff Support Sites - PRES: Multiple

Version 2


    Deborah Morris

    Alain Noghiu

    Andrew Ramsden (Blackboard)

    Francisco Perez


    To make the most effective use of an LMS, students and staff need easy access to a central repository of support information, resources, and tools. Keeping such a site updated and responsive to users’ needs can be a significant challenge. The Laureate International Universities in Europe, with 15+ campuses offering instruction in eight languages, were faced with an even more complex challenge. We could replicate a support site at each institution, ensuring that students and staff had access to resources specific to their own institution; or we could create a central site, ensuring that common resources were not duplicated. This session will describe the models we examined, the requirements we established, and several interim options we designed and implemented. Finally we will share a solution that offers both locally-responsive and centralized features, avoiding redundancy but ensuring agility for the region as a whole. The solution aims to ensure through the governance and operational layer the support hubs are future proofed and user centered to maintain relevance to staff and student needs. Multi-campus and multi-lingual institutions, or similarly diverse corporate organizations may find this type of solution could meet their needs as well.