BREAKOUT: Keele University - No! Don't Put That There! - PRES: Tim Smale

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Since moving to Blackboard Learn in 2011 Tim Smale has been providing staff and students with a template within which to place all course content. The aim of this was to bring uniformity to all of the course layouts allowing students to navigate new courses with ease and predict content location. This template includes an assessment area with a dedicated folder for Turnitin submissions, containing support videos on how to submit, cover sheets and links to other support information. All Turnitin Dropboxes (TADs) must be placed within this folder.


BUT staff do not always do as they are asked and sometimes place the TADs outside of this folder or change the layout leading to students not finding the support materials and cover sheets or missing the TAD and reporting it absent.


Tim will demonstrate his template structure, which has continually received great feedback from students, and the adaptation of technique demonstrated at #BbWorld16 (by A. Abrahamson & D. Hillman, Boston University) which he has adopted allowing him to use JavaScript injection to apply a new CSS file to the page to change menu options and controls.


This presentation will provide you with example code that you can take away and try, even if you’ve not worked with JavaScript or CSS before.


Interactive slides available at: (Google Slides)