New Release! 3200.0.0 Ultra

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New Release! 3200.0.0 Ultra Highlights

  • Locale Support - Institutions and their users often have regional differences in how the interface and content (language, date, time, etc.) are displayed in accordance with local customs. The institution, its administrators, and users are now able to select a locale that changes the Ultra interface and content in specific ways. Locales are controlled on three levels: Administrators may select a default locale for their institution; Administrators may set default locale for a course (optionally enforce); and end users are able to set their own preferred locale. In this initial release, all of the left-to-right languages supported in the Original experience are supported in Ultra. In future releases, right-to-left languages, custom language packs, and deeper locale support (like the Hijri calendar) will be added.
  • Discussions - New Message Indicator – Discussions can contain numerous comments and replies, or more generally, “posts.” Faculty and students need to differentiate read posts from unread posts. It is important for both students and faculty to quickly assess “what have I not yet seen?” each time they enter a Discussion. Sense-making like this helps students and faculty build a mental model of the un-reviewed activity and plan their next actions accordingly. The new message indicator shows for each user the view state of every Discussion post: read or unread. By default, all posts are unread and after they have been viewed on screen for a certain amount of time, they are automatically changed to a read state.
  • Discussions - Replies to Replies – This is an enhancement to Ultra Discussions to allow a 4th level of nesting or “replies to replies.” Instructors often need a way to redirect a topic within the flow of a conversation and for students, this new capability allows for additional richness within a discussion. By adding replies to replies, Ultra discussions now support four levels of nesting like so:
    • Level 1 - instructor prompt (i.e. the “seed” post)
      • Level 2 - comments to the instructor
        • Level 3 – reply to the Level 2 comments
          • Level 4 – a reply to a level 3 reply (new level)
  • SIS Process Web Services – New REST web services enable administrators to check on job status and retrieve error records, enabling administrators to set up processes for monitoring and record correction.