New Release! 3200.0.0 Original

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New Release! 3200.0.0 Original Highlights    

  • Submission Receipts Enhancements – Students can receive a notification email for each assignment attempt with information about the submission including attached files. Students can also access receipts at any time on the My Grades page in the submissions filter area. Administrators can optionally disable the email notifications.
  • Discussions on Mobile Web – The Discussion Board tool is responsive for hand-held devices if the contents of the posts themselves are responsive. Discussion participants can read, respond, and use other discussion features such as post rating from mobile devices.
  • Contextual Menus on Mobile Web – Menus can be accessed on touch devices.
  • Outcomes Assessment: Sampling by Demographic - When collecting and sampling student submissions for a secondary program evaluation process, student work can now be sampled not only by courses and terms, but also by student demographic information. Sampling can be done by the education level field or institution roles; sampling by institution roles allows Boolean AND/OR selection for tremendous flexibility. For example, the assessment coordinator could sample graduating seniors in a specific program for an evaluation process.
  • LTI Links Managed by Building Blocks – Building Blocks that create and manage LTI links in course content areas can now leverage LTI Outcomes to return result data in the same way that LTI links added through the Learn interface can. To support scenarios where the LTI domain must be approved for secured exchange but the Building Block is being used to present tool links to users in courses, the admin can now set an LTI placement not to be visible to users so they aren’t presented both Building Block and LTI tool links for the same tool.
  • Bookstore Building Block is removed.
  • Building Block Install Validation – When installing a Building Block, the manifest is now checked for properly escaped characters in XML. Such improperly formed XML caused issues with some Building Blocks in some environments.
  • SIS Process Web Services – New REST web services enable administrators to check on job status and retrieve error records, enabling administrators to set up processes for monitoring and record correction.