Group charter - Introduction to the Singapore Blackboard Users Group (draft)

Version 2

    Group charter - Introduction to the Singapore Blackboard Users Group


    The Singapore Blackboard Users Group (SBUG) is the place for Singapore Blackboard enthusiasts to meet each other, learn on what is new in Blackboard, how to get the most out of Blackboard and share experiences and best practices.


    The purpose of this group is to:


    • Provide a way for Singapore users of Blackboard to meet
    • Provide a collection of tips and best practices related to Blackboard
    • Provide a platform to ask questions and discuss topics related to Blackboard


    Regular communications to this group will include:


    • A weekly post that includes:
      • A suggested activity of the week
      • Tip of the week
      • or an introduction to a new member of the Singapore Blackboard Users Group
    • A monthly featured article contributed by a member.


    How to get your questions answered:


    If you have a question about Blackboard or the Singapore Blackboard Users Group, we encourage you to post it in the group discussion board so that all can benefit.


    Roles of group members:


    • Network with other members
    • Learn more about Blackboard and associated tools
    • Help other members by sharing your experiences
    • Contribute to 2 featured articles per year


    What this group is NOT for:


    • Resolution of technical problems with Blackboard
    • Submission of desired features for future releases of Blackboard