Want to adopt an LMS? Listen to your teachers.

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When building momentum for an LMS adoption, empowering the tech trailblazers of your organization is key. Helping those trailblazers lead and inspire others, however, is essential. This year our district implemented Blackboard by training teams of 7 to 10 teacher volunteers in each school location to be the trailblazers of change. Building the training class around the SAMR model, the Instructional Technology Department instituted an atmosphere of service and support focused on building implementation excitement and buy-in. Through close collaboration with each school-based Blackboard team, feedback was gathered on the initial training class and adjustments were made accordingly. A process which resulted in two unique training classes, one specifically for elementary teachers who had the hardest time envisioning LMS usage with younger students. This presentation will share the journey, lessons learned, and plans for ongoing support for our district of 1,500 teachers and 21,000 students.