Using course template variables... really neat!

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during the the Swedish User Group meeting last week Dan Hewes discussed the ability of using Course Template Variables to template a customised experience. Basically you can embed shortcuts and pointers through your course through your template pointing to specific places within the course.


Mainly you would use variables in a link that you then would include as you automatically populate the courses making them point to specific areas/tools in your course. As an example;

Link to Group Management = https://YOUR-URL.COM/webapps/bb-group-mgmt-LEARN/execute/groupInventoryList?course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@


More on this can be found at Dynamic Rendering with Template Variables .


The below example is to provide a Dashboard Module for a Course Administrator who mainly want to go into their courses and just focus on Group Management, Tool Availability and Student Progression. This can obviously be changed in any way you please and meet your specific requirements. The images that are used in the module in this example are uploaded to the content management system hence the image name of "xid-xxxx".



//-- snip --

<h5><a href="https://YOUR-URL.COM/webapps/bb-group-mgmt-LEARN/execute/groupInventoryList?course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@">

<img src="https://YOUR-URL.COM/bbcswebdav/xid-6863_1" width="100" height="100" alt="Manage Groups" title="Manage Groups" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 5px;" />Manage Groups</a></h5>

<h5><a href="https://YOUR-URL.COM/webapps/gradebook/do/instructor/enterGradeCenter?course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@&cvid=fullGC"><img src="https://YOUR-URL.COM/bbcswebdav/xid-6866_1" width="100" height="100" alt="Student Progress" title="Student Progress" style="vertical-align: middle; margin: 5px;" />Student Progress</a></h5>

<hr />

<h5><a href="https://YOUR-URL.COM/webapps/blackboard/execute/course/tools/settings?dispatch=viewToolsSettings&course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@"><img src="https://YOUR-URL.COM/bbcswebdav/xid-20679_1" width="100" height="100" alt="Tool Availability" title="Tool Availability" style="margin: 5px; vertical-align: middle;" />Manage Tool Availability for Expert Evaluation</a></h5>

-- snip --//


By using this you can create specific Dashboard/Resources targeted to specific roles to help the more efficiently conduct their specific tasks.


Let me know if you find these types of things interesting to be shared here.


/Dan Nygren