How can I import a Powerpoint Presentation containing audio and animations into the Blackboard content area.

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This is a response from Jacqueline (Jackie) Crouch  to the question:


How can I import a Powerpoint Presentation containing audio and animations into the Blackboard content area.


I save them as a video, upload them to YouTube as unlisted, and then embed them into the appropriate area in Learn.

Once you have your narration in PowerPoint, click the File tab and then Save and Send. Choose Create Video and make sure Use Recorded Timings and Narrations is selected. Then click the Create Video button.

This creates a WMV file, which you can convert to whatever video file type you want.  I choose to upload it to YouTube because then I don't have to worry about browser compatibility issues, and I get closed captions added automatically.


Due to the size limitations of our Managed Hosting contract, we do not directly upload those. We use Office Mix which is an add-in for PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 for PC users. Our campus contracts with Microsoft for Office 365. Go to to download the free add-in. Here are a couple of direct links for you to see how to incorporate this tool into Blackboard so that it's under the Build Content menu and a list of how-to videos. Our faculty LOVE this free add-in as they have total control over the entire process and can record themselves doing screen recordings, webcam, as well as standard narrated PowerPoint.


I'm happy to talk with anyone interested in this option. Our contract with Microsoft provides unlimited space on the web site for storage.



Note that once the PowerPoint is uploaded to the Mix web site, we have faculty change permissions to "Unlisted" just like in YouTube so that anyone with the link can view the presentation in the browser but cannot download the original presentation.


Anyone with our campus e-mail address can upload to the web site.


My contact information is or 719.255.4493.


Thanks for this info, Jackie!  I have just gotten started with Mix, and incorporating it into Blackboard was one thing I couldn't figure out how to do.

Now I just have to get Office 2013 loaded on my Office computer...


BTW, I recommend YouTube to my faculty for just the same space reasons.  However, I use it only for shorter informational videos.  I really like the interactivity and the ability to "mix" in other media in Mix, so I'm looking forward to trying more of that.


Seriously, Jackie, you are my new best friend!  As the Blackboard admin, I followed your directions for adding the Office Mix tool, and then I went into a course and added a Mix from the gallery.  I set it up as a graded assignment, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do.


Thank you so much for sharing your valuable resources!


Office Mix looks like a great method! I have been referring our faculty to use Screen-Cast-O-Matic which is free for up to 15 minute videos. They have the Power Point on their screen, share their video if they wish, and talk while progressing through the slides. Then in the same fashion, publish to You Tube, set the video as unlisted, and then share the link in Blackboard.


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