Delivering a CBE program through Moodle

Version 1

    Collegis Education is partnering with a leading institution in the Midwest to deliver a CBE program on the Moodle LMS.  The flexibility afforded by the open source platform has allowed the Collegis Learning Technology team to make a variety of modifications, configurations, and technology integrations to create a motivating and engaging experience that supports student success in the CBE courses.   These modifications include a custom theme to present the student with a clean, simple user interface that provides an integrated view of progress through the course.  The integration of a proprietary game authoring tool for rich, simulation experiences.  Increased student motivation through the use of badges and an integration with the Mozilla backpack, and custom reporting that allows student support staff to closely monitor student progress.



         Ken Adkins, Sr. Manager - Course  Production and Multimedia, Collegis Education

         David Lungren, Vice-President, Digital Content Solutions, Collegis Education