Workshop- Three Proven Methods for Attracting & Enrolling Today’s Online Learner

Version 2

    At Wichita State University, we have drastically accelerated our strategy for serving and attracting online students. In a market that becomes ever more crowded, we have tested several strategies — some successful and some not. Join us as we share share strategies that have helped grow online enrollment at our institution. In this workshop, you will learn how to market to and attract online learners, effective strategies for nurturing and enrolling prospective online students, and how to deliver a successful student experience with one-stop support.



    What to bring to this workshop:

    - Writing utensil

    - Laptop/ipad is optional



         Jacqueline Hammond, Sr. Director, Enrollment & Marketing Services, Wichita State University

         Mark Porcaro, Executive Director of Online Learning, Wichita State University

         Veronica Schmitz, Project Manager, Wichita State University