Using the Content Collection to Provide Effective Storage Solutions & Enhance the Learning Environment

Version 1

    At Southern New Hampshire University College of Online and Continuing Education, we use a one-to-many model for all of our courses. We have in the past attempted to use the Content Collection as a means to store our course documents. However, the Blackboard tool did not suit the needs of the one-to-many model. Recently, we have been able to start using the Content Collection, as Blackboard's updated tool provides us with a viable option. It provides us with many great benefits, such as:

    - Saving storage space

    - Allowing the user to overwrite the file once, with the update reflected in the parent and its children

    - Allowing the user to update the file from anywhere

    This presentation may help other institutions facing similar problems.



    -Laura Chase, Lead Content Architect

    -Kayla Lanigan, Lead Course Management Specialist