Blogging 101: Part 2 - How to Post

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You're ready to write. Whether you think so or not, creating a post is as easy as creating other types of content because the process is nearly the same.


Step 1: On the Community Home page, select  Community Corner in the toolbar.  (Note: please post your blog in the Community Corner rather than your individual persona space.   Posts can be shared with other subspaces) *If you think your post pertains to more than one community, that's okay!  You have the option to "share" a post within other communities once it is published.



Step 2: On the smaller heading bar within the Community Corner, click on "content".




Step 3: In the content space, you will notice two option menus on the left-hand side: "categories" and "actions".  Refer to "actions", and select "write a blog post".


Step 4: Fill in your content.  Before publishing, you have some choices.

  • Mark as a "places blog".  This will ensure that your post shows up in the respective community you wrote it in - in this case, Community Corner. (<- highly encouraged)
  • Mark as a "personal blog".  This will make your post visible to everyone in that community, as well as your followers.




Make sure to add tags, so that your content gets more views, and keep comments open to let the conversations begin.


Step 4: Once you've published your post, share it in your own community by clicking the "share" icon on the right-hand side.



Did you know you can share your post with as many communities as you want?


Voila!  That's all there is to it.  Happy blogging!