Introduction to the Collaborate Developer Community

Version 5

    As with other Blackboard developer communities, the Collaborate Developer Community lives here in the Blackboard Community space. This decision was made to streamline the delivery of documentation to the developer looking to build Collaborate integrations. Also here on the community site is the home of the Blackboard Learn developer community, the Blackboard Learn REST API developer community, and the Blackboard ConnectTxt documentation. The combination of all of these disparate communities in one place makes it easy for Developers to know where to go for Blackboard Developer documentation, regardless of product.


    The Collaborate Developer Community is broken up into four main areas:


    Blackboard provides Swagger documentation for REST APIs. Swagger is very interactive and allows a Developer to very quickly identify the endpoints and HTTP actions necessary to build the desired integration. In addition, expanding each endpoint and operation gives detailed information regarding JSON packages, expected results, and common error codes. For more information on swagger, please see the swagger home page at

    This section is dedicated to getting developers up-to-speed quickly with the new REST APIs available for Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience. These APIs give the developer the ability to programatically integrate common Collaborate functionality into a web application using the tried and true framework that is REST APIs.

    While the REST APIs are new to Blackboard Collaborate Developers, the ability to integrate with Collaborate has been around for a long time. Previous integrations were built with SOAP Web Services. REST is the preferred method of integration, and as such, it is important to Blackboard that Developers have the tools and knowledge necessary to migrate existing integrations to use the new API endpoints.

    When all else fails, this is the place for developers to interact with Blackboard Experts, as well as fellow community members, in an endeavor to support each other in making great applications and to learn from each other.


    Welcome to the Blackboard Collaborate Developer Community. Please feel free to explore the site, and do not hesitate to ask questions or comment directly on articles, contribute blogs as new challenges are encountered and overcome, and generally participate in this space!