From traffic cop to traffic engineer: How to give students greater autonomy and make your classroom more efficient

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This session will describe tips for using Blackboard to blend your classroom, making the workload more efficient for both students and teachers. In this session we will see how you can use the Blackboard Learning Modules, Assignments and Collaborative Groups of Students to differentiate instruction and manage the formative and summative evaluation. This Chemistry teacher is using Blackboard Assignments with Rubrics to help organize individual high school level science projects which are predominately done outside of class time. Meanwhile during class time the students are working on activities that are posted in the learning modules within small collaborative groups. This permits them to have greater autonomy in the pacing, and in most cases to work efficiently enough to finish the bulk of learning during class time. This also frees the teacher to consult with students who need individual attention. The class is organized on Blackboard, but the learning takes place during class time, making it a true blended learning experience for the students.


- Stacy Brasfield, Chemistry Teacher, Arlington Public Schools