What is the Developer Portal: Developer Registration and Application Management

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The Developer Portal

The Blackboard REST developer accesses REST API documentation, Developer registration and management of REST Applications via the Blackboard Developer Portal.


When you visit the Developer Portal at https://developer.blackboard.com you have access to the following REST developer tools:

1) Signing up for a Developer Account,

2) Logging in if you already have an account,

3) Browsing the API Documentation,

4) Registering an application (requires login), and

5) Visiting the Developer Community Site for Examples and interaction with fellow developers via discussions, blogs, etc.




API Documentation - No login required!!!

Blackboard APIs and the Developer Platform is based on the concept of Openness - if the tools are visible and available you can more readily determine whether our platform is right for you and immediately begin thinking about what you can build and discover how to build it!


Our REST API documents are based on Swagger and are generated as part of our product build processes, thus providing you with the latest version of the documents at each product iteration.


You may also browse code examples and participate here in the developer community site!


Browsing the API Documentation does not require an account, but you will need one for delivering your developed applications. This is covered in the next section on Managing Applications.


Managing Applications

Before you can release an application to the Blackboard Community you must first register as a Blackboard Developer by creating a Developer Account.


Creating a Developer Account

In order to manage your REST Applications you must registster via the Sign Up link. You will be presented with a Developer Agreement which must be accepted to proceed to the account creation page where you enter your information and click "Create Account". Once you have registered you may now Manage your Applications.




All fields are required. Once you have filled in the form click the 'Create Account' button.


After you have created your Developer Account you may return later to edit your account information:





Defining an Application

Before you can manage an application or make it available you must first define it. This is done via the Manage Applications link by clicking the 'Define New Application' button.


On the screen that displays after clicking the Define New Application button you are presented with the fields required for application definition:



  1. Enter a Name for your application - this is what is displayed to the System Administrator when they install your Application.
  2. Enter a Description for your application - this is also displayed to the System Administrator when they install your Application.

Click 'Save'.



When you add an application you get a key and secret - eventually you will be able to refresh this, but for now this the only time they are available - copy them down.

The Application Key and the Secret are used to authenticate your application's REST API requests.



Click Continue.


You will now see a screen listing your registered application. You can access this at any time by clicking 'My Apps' in the menu bar:




now you can list and get information on your application or delete it, making it unaccessible to the Blackboard Community.



View/Edit Application Info


You have control over the application information and can view Application consumers...






Next topic is Managing REST Integrations in Learn: The REST Integrations Tool for System Administrators.