DevCon 2009 Presentations (Getting Started)

Version 1

    Getting Started

    Getting Started with Blackboard Building Blocks (Part I)

    Rusty Klophaus, Blackboard

    Learn the nuts & bolts of getting started with Blackboard Building Blocks including where to find relevant documentation and how to start and structure your project using an IDE.


    Getting Started with Blackboard Building Blocks (Part II)

    Priyanka Gupta, Blackboard

    Continue your investigation of Building Blocks with exposure to additional Blackboard APIs and instruction on how to leverage the Blackboard look & feel in your application.


    Blackboard Learn Content Management APIs & Xythos Architecture

    John Barone, Blackboard

    Learn how Xythos content solutions fit into your campus-wide architecture, and see how you can use APIs to import content, tag files with metadata, and support workflows within the Blackboard Learn Content Management Module.


    Proxy Tools & Web Services

    George Kroner, Blackboard

    Lance Neumann, Blackboard

    Investigate how to build the newest type of Blackboard plugin technology - the Blackboard Proxy Tool. Based on the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability 2.0 specification, Proxy Tools are interoperable learning applications that can be hosted externally to your Blackboard environment and accessed from multiple learning environments. See a working Proxy Tool running in the Google App Engine.


    Debugging Building Blocks Issues

    Kevin Borgeson, Blackboard

    Learn techniques to figure out what's going wrong when your development project isn't progressing quite as you expected.


    User Interface Customization Techniques

    Linas Laucys, Blackboard

    Dan Rinzel, Blackboard

    Learn how to customize the Blackboard Learn GUI with the Theme and Branding capabilities built into Release 9. See how you can edit the product's CSS files and use the tag libraries to render a highly-tailored user experience.