Your First Building Blocks Project Using Eclipse - DevCon 2010

Version 1

    Tutorial recording

    This recording and sample code will help you get up and running with your first Building Blocks project using Eclipse. It covers how to use the built-in Eclipse wizards to create, edit, build, and manually deploy a Building Block to a development server. It also shows how to add the Blackboard supporting Java jar libraries and UI tag libraries to your project. (Tip: As a best practice, obtain the Blackboard jar libraries by downloading the installer jar file from Behind the Blackboard, unzipping it, and selecting the /payload/systemlib directory. Alternatively, you can select the /blackboard/systemlib or /apps/tomcat/lib directory from your development instance of Blackboard.) Finally, it covers how to automate the build process using supporting developer tools and scripts supplied by Blackboard.


    Video recording


    bb-manifest documentation

    The bb-manifest XML schema attached to this page can be used to verify your bb-manifest.xml file that tells Blackboard how your Building Block plugin will hook into the system.


    Configuring Eclipse


    1. Window > Preferences
    2. XML > XML Catalog > Add


    What you get out of this

    • Syntax errors will show up as you edit
    • Smart completion is enabled
    • Inline documentation for the elements that have it