Creating Courses That Pop! Redesigning (Not Reinventing) the Wheel

Version 3

    It's no secret that creating engaging online courses requires creativity, time and effort. Instructors can invest hours developing presentations, videos, instructional materials and activities, but is that really the most effective use of their time and expertise? Alternately the Internet offers numerous media-rich resources from lab simulations, MOOCs, TedTalks, YouTube videos, Slideshare, and corporate training modules. Additionally, publishers provide Blackboard compatible resources including videos, drag and drop assignments, case studies, and short quizzes that provide hints and instant feedback on student work. However, sole use of external course content will not support the principles of effective teaching that include active learning, student cooperation, respect for diverse ways of learning, and instructor presence. In this presentation, attendees will explore how to strike the perfect time-workload balance between using external content, publisher-produced and instructor-generated materials to (re)design online and live courses that engage students.



    Teresa Johnson, Shawndra Bowers, Josh Hill, Troy University