Making the Shift to Learner-Centric Education: How Teaching and Learning Technologies are Growing Up

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Just when you thought educational technology was about to get its act together, along came a really bad day: Some politician said let’s replace the university with MOOCs delivered from Antarctica or Azerbaijan. Some 1:1 or BYOD initiative got nailed by infighting over endpoints and platforms. Some other faculty member came to you, the expert on LMS’s, and insisted on you endorsing the shiny new object he or she had just heard about. The good news: educational technologies – and most specifically collaborative technologies – are at the tipping point in supporting tremendous change in the delivery of education. The Terrible news: it wasn’t easy getting here! This talk will center on four rapidly changing areas that will forever change how education is delivered and experienced: 1) greater nuance in design of learner-centric, role-centric platforms; 2) creation of user experiences almost as intuitive as flipping a light switch; 3) holistic mobile design; and 4) how a new approach to active, social, personalized, and lifelong learning is about to dramatically alter both the practice and business of education.


Presenter: Alan D. Greenberg, Senior Analyst & Partner, Wainhouse Research