Blackboard to Banner Grades Integration

Version 4

    In this session, Ashraf introduces a new Building Block and integration process for uploading Blackboard Learn grades to the SIS. This integration provides a more efficient, automated, and less error-prone alternative to the existing, mostly manual grade upload process. The integration is designed to automate and facilitate the work done by faculty members to prepare and format the grades while minimizing the need to make modifications to the SIS side of the grade upload process. The Building Block provides a tool that extracts the grades from the Blackboard gradebook. The tool allows the instructor to review and override individual student grades as needed before triggering the upload. The integration has been in use in our production environment since fall 2014. Our faculty members used it successfully and provided great feedback and compliments. We are considering extending its use to report mid-term and other student progress data throughout the semester.



    Ashraf Amrou, eLearning Tech Lead, Old Dominion University