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Setting up a development server is the same as installing Learn on a staging or production server. This requires several steps including selecting and installing the appropriately scaled hardware,installing and configuring the operating system, the database, and the Learn Application.


The Learn Developer Virtual Machine


Recognizing that there may be constraints on resources that could preclude a stand-alone development environment, the Learn Product Development team has prepared a Virtual Machine based environment for your use. This Virtual Machine is built on the CentOS Linux operating system and contains a developer instance of Learn with a supporting database. This approach allows for fast and consistent set-up and recovery of development instances, while minimizing hardware requirements. Keeping in mind that the development system is not about optimizing performance, but deploying, concept/UI testing, and debugging of code, many developers run the Learn Developer VM on laptops with 4GB of RAM and processors in the 1.8GHz range or similarly smaller scaled desktop hardware. [This author runs the Learn Developer VM on a MacBook Air with 2GHz i7 and 8GB of RAM.]


The Learn Developer Virtual Machine is suited best for initial development and testing after which you may wish to deploy your extensions on a development or testing instance of Learn which is running on an architecture more like your production environment - minimally like data and hardware.


Stand-alone or Shared Learn Developer Instances


It is often desired to have a single 'group development' server or a post- initial development system for further testing and development. With a non-developer license, this system may run against a copy of your full production data set or with a developer license merely emulate your production environment hardware.


Note that a stand-alone Learn development environment has the same limitations as any web application environment regarding team impact.


Instructions for installing and configuring a Learn instance may be found under the Administrator track for the specific version of Learn you are interested in installing.