Welcome to the Blackboard Developer Community Home

Version 5

    The Blackboard Developer Community changes and evolves over time, and yet the community space we all share has not... until now. Blackboard is using Jive Software to power all of our community groups, and we, the Blackboard Developer Community team, jumped at the chance to leverage this powerful social engine to benefit our constituents. We know that edugarage has been dormant except for the forums, and we know that help.blackboard.com, while giving us a means to deliver much-needed developer documentation, has not met the social or interactive needs of a thriving community.


    Enter Jive.


    Our goal is to become your one-stop shop for all development activities surrounding all of Blackboard's products. We will open up blogs, not just to Blackboard employees, but to any Community member that wants to publish a blog on a development topic. We will move Developer Documentation from Help to your community space, so that Jive's powerful search engine can help you find all the content you need -- whether official documentation, blog, discussion post, etc.


    Simply select the space above that you are looking for, and you will enter the developer community site for that product. Each space is aliased, as well, so you can bookmark that particular space, or just remember:




    and then append the product name in all lower case letters:





    And as always, feel free to contact me, Scott Hurrey, with any questions or concerns.