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You can view these documentation packages directly in HTML using the following links. You can also download the packages and access earlier versions of these documents through Behind the Blackboard on the Download Files page for each release. If an API is not shown in the publicly available documentation, it is not a public API and it's use is not supported.


API Documentation


Blackboard provides the Building Blocks API and Web Services Specifications for Blackboard Learn 9.1 in an HTML package in Javadoc format.


Blackboard also provides a "diff file" to detail the changes to the Building Blocks API and Web Services Specifications since the previous release of Blackboard Learn. This navigable list of added, removed, and changed public APIs is an HTML package in Javadoc format.


Tag Libraries


The familiar look and feel of the Learn user interface is provided to developers through the Blackboard Tag Library. These are the same tag libraries used in the Learn application and are available for your use.


Java Server Pages constructed using elements from the tag library render the user interface in a manner familiar for users of the Learn application. Using the tag libraries in your Building Block creates a 'seamless' ui experience for your Building Block users.




The Open Database Schema provides information about the Blackboard Learn database structure, including layout and table inter-dependencies. This information is intended for intermediate to expert database administrators, as an aid to troubleshooting, capacity planning and analytics.


The schemas include a description of the data characteristics of the tables and columns in the Blackboard Learn database, which includes datatypes and sizes, nullability, index, sequence, key and constraint information. Additional commentary is also provided for key tables and columns.


The Open Database Schema does not include a complete description of every database object inBlackboard Learn. The following information is not included:

  • Detailed commentary for some tables and columns.
  • No table or column information for the Xythos engine file storage schema.
  • No information about stored procedures, views, triggers, or database jobs.


Note: These documents are available in English only.


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