Assessment Resources

Version 3

    Learn About Rubrics

    A succinct explanation of what rubrics are and how to use them, from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Includes activities that can be completed with colleagues to evaluate your own rubric resources.


    What Makes a Good Writing Assignment

    Practical guidance for writing effective assignments, including aligning assignments to goals, from the Colorado State University supported WAC Clearinghouse.


    Writing Exam Questions

    A collection of resources not only for writing exam questions, but also for aligning questions to learning outcomes and validating questions, from the Center for Instructional Development and Research at the University of Washington.


    Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions

    A very thorough workshop guide with step by step explanations and examples from the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Texas.


    Sample Rubrics for Download

    Rubrics shared by clients in Blackboard Learn format to be imported into courses and used as is or modified.