Volunteer to be a Peer Reviewer

Version 4

    Follow these steps:

    1. Read the Exemplary Course Program Rubric and familiarize yourself with the criteria.
    2. Learn more about applying the criteria in the Rubric by exploring the learning resources available under “Course Design,” “Interaction and Engagement,” “Assessment,” and “Learner Support.”
    3. When you are confident that you understand the Rubric well enough to be an effective reviewer, sign up here. If you have questions about becoming a reviewer, email ecp@blackboard.com
    4. As courses are submitted for peer review, they will be assigned to peer reviewers on a rotating basis. You will receive an email when a review is assigned to you, and you can either accept or decline this assignment. If you accept the review, you should complete it within 14 days.
    5. Complete a fair and thorough review of the course that has been assigned to you.
    6. When you select “Submit,” your review and feedback will be sent to the person who requested peer review.