3. Achievement Review

Version 3

    If you’ve completed a self-review, submitted your course for peer review, and gotten feedback that your course scored an Exemplary rating, congratulations! At Blackboard, we take pride in recognizing the achievement of high quality courses. All courses that receive at least one exemplary rating in peer reviews will automatically be included in a quarterly Achievement Review process by Exemplary Course Program experts.


    Teams of instructional designers and experienced course development professionals provide an additional layer of review and validation to determine which courses merit Blackboard Exemplary Achievement Status. You will receive a certificate and digital badge for your accomplishment.


    Selected instructional design teams use the Achievement Review process for professional development, to expose their team members to a variety of exemplary course practices and engage in detailed discussions about the exemplary characteristics of real-world examples. If your instructional team is interested in contributing to the Exemplary Course Program Achievement Review process, contact ecp@blackboard.com.


    Steps in the Achievement Review Process:

    1. Follow the steps for Self-Review and Peer Review.
    2. If your course receives at least one exemplary rating in peer reviews, your course will automatically be included in the quarterly Achievement Review process.
    3. This part of the process takes 1-4 months, depending on when your course got an exemplary rating in a peer review and what stage the quarterly process is in.
    4. You will be notified via email if your course receives Blackboard Exemplary Achievement Status. The team will follow up with digital certificates, badges, and a press kit.