• createSecurityManager

    Hi all,   Since upgrading to Q4 2017 CU3 we've noticed the following in our services.log file:   The following permission ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "createSecurityManager") is not allowed for tees-eat...
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  • custom language pack creates undefined for decimal point in Grade Centre

    Hi   I'm struggling to replicate this error and see the cause. A number of our instructors are seeing "undefined" in the Grade Centre for a decimal point. This occurs when we apply a modified language pack. ...
    created by jb31639
  • Scrum Board tool

    Hi!   One of our teachers have a course in agile project management and he wants to be able to teach as much of the course as possible in one place, ie. Blackboard.   I was wondering if there was anyone ou...
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  • Episode 3 - Different Countries, Common Issues - A Chat with Chris Boon

    Back over to the UK digitally in this episode. We talk with Chris Boon from City College Norwich, pronounced n -O-r-i-dge (rhymes with porridge). We learn he has an interesting history with online education and traini...
    Terry Patterson
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  • REST API won't let me download student submission

    On the preview-learn site, I was testing the REST API call w/ my classic course _10829_1 GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/attempts/{attemptId}/files/{attemptFileId}/download    Log int...
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  • what is disable_promiscuous_decodes?

    Hello all When a notification is sent to an instructor (for new course or assignment submission) he gets a ling link with the end of url: disable_promiscuous_decodes=true see the attached image from email   C...
    created by fawaz_syr
  • Displaying only one Question Set

    I have a question concerning Question Sets.   I have four sets of questions. There are 20 questions in each set. Is it possible to create a test in Blackboard, where one set is chosen, at random, and the entire...
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  • Components of Learn Disk Usage & How to Control It - 6/28/2018

    This event has concluded.   Please revisit the presentation via the url link below. Recorded session link: https://us.bbcollab.com/recording/e3327ff9a4714070a27b092f0addc15e   The suggested maintenance s...
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  • Disk Usage Suggested Maintenance Schedule 7/2018

    This was a document that was requested during the Components of Learn Disk Usage & How to Control It - 6/28/2018. This is discussed in the block post for that presentation. Components of Learn Disk Usage & How...
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  • Small Group Attendance

    Under review
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    I know we already have a way of taking attendance as a large group in Blackboard (Big thank you to the development team!).  We also have a great need to take attendance in small groups.  So, having that func...
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  • IDs @ BbWorld18

    How many instructional designers are going to be attending #BbWorld18?
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  • Sharing Truncated Portfolios

    Under review
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    Portfolios can be used in a multitude of ways.  One way is that a portfolio reviewer may only need to see a truncated version of a larger portfolio.  A couple of solutions might be that the author could copy...
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  • New coursesites: add existing users

    How do I add existing users to a course?  I can create new users, but there's no "find users" for existing users. And this is for a "Classic" course, not "Ultra".
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  • Using BasicLTI Building Block with Smart Sparrow

    We're presently using Smart Sparrow with the standard out-of-the-box LTI solution. However, this is resulting in some cookie issues for some users, so we'd like to try using it with Stephen Vickers' BasicLTI Building ...
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  • grading schema

    I am trying to create a schema that would trigger a total column based on all assigments being completed. This is for a practicum course which is pass/fail. All assignments must be completed before a pass can be appli...
    created by pb0043351
  • Who is going to be at #BbWorld18?

    Just a friendly poll to see which of our miBUG Community Members will be attending Blackboard World next week.
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  • Events

    FE User Group Events Next meeting - January or February 2019 - date TBD   Last meeting - Friday 13th July 2018     Collaborate recording of meeting   Agenda: 11:30 Arrival and networking 12:0...
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  • Summer Online Meeting Dates

    Hi All   We need to pick a date that works best for an online meeting for the group. I suggest we go for a midday slot, lasting 1-2 hours at the most - and that will depend on who wants to contribute. Most likel...
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  • Calculated columns and dropped grades

    Under review
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    In the Grade Centre, when working with categories, instructors have the ability to create calculated columns where certain grades are dropped from the calculation. The calculated column, once set up, returns the calcu...
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  • Copy Contacts

    Under review
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    Hi, it would be really useful to be able to copy Contacts cards / profiles from within the Contacts Course Tool into alternative Blackboard courses. We have module tutors teaching across multiple modules and we encour...
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