• End of Life announcement for Blackboard Open Content

    I've just received a notification for the End of Life for Blackboard Open Content (xpLor) as of 31st December 2019, with Maintenance Support Mode from 30th June 2019 - see https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb...
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  • Create Questions via File Upload

    Open for voting
    114 votes
    Allow faculty to upload questions from Word document, Google Drive, XLS, CSV, or Content Collection. They would automatically format in the appropriate question type and populate the assessment.
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  • Content Usage Statistics discrepancies?

    I'm trying to understand the statistics report when you track content items.  It shows the hits for each user, for each day, but when you total those numbers up they don't match with the total hits for hour of da...
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  • Student Information Card

    Open for voting
    37 votes
    This would allow instructors to better understand the student’s approach to learning by viewing data such as grades, time spent online, trends, extracurriculars and career aspirations in one place. The instructo...
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  • LTI Marketplace for Assessment Tools and Content

    Open for voting
    27 votes
    Allow instructors and instructional designers to easily search and discover LTI tools that have been shared by other universities. Tools could range from group assignments to online learning labs. Peer ratings and com...
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  • Assessment Templates

    Open for voting
    19 votes
    With this addition, an Instructor or Instructional Designer could browse a library of assessment templates. Tags would allow for easy sorting and filtering based on question type, courses for which the template works ...
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  • Impersonate B2 with SaaS

    Anyone using the Impersonate building block by USF with SaaS or know if it is compatible. We use the B2 a lot and are about to migrate to SaaS.
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  • List of B2s not supported in SaaS?

    Hi All: I'm wondering if anyone has a list of the B2s that are not supported in the SaaS environment. It is hard to believe that with over 500 clients migrated to SaaS that there isn't a list.  Any assistance wo...
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  • Improving student communication with real-time communication tools

    3/6/19 2:00 PM
    In the fall, we announced our partnership with Pronto, an instant messaging application that enables institutions to communicate with students in real-time. During this webinar, we will take a closer look at Pronto an...
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    Improving student communication with real-time communication tools

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  • Improve spell-check dictionary functionality

    0 votes
    In addition to improving the dictionary itself (which is in dire need of updating), it would great if Blackboard could add more functionality into the spell check dictionary utility for Learn. Our faculty and instruct...
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  • Bb IM Tool--End of Life Notice

    A quick heads up for anyone using the Bb IM tool.  I just noticed the end-of-life and support message for the Bb IM tool in the Help documentation.   End of Support for Blackboard IM ends December 31, 2018....
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  • Gamification: Course Leaderboard ver 2

    Why use a course gamification leaderboard? It encourages faculty to keep grades current. Students realize someone is paying attention to their progress and has a bigger picture perspective. Following the adage, "you...
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  • Best practices for integrating Macmillan content with Blackboard Learn

    Are you currently using Macmillan’s LaunchPad or considering it for your next course? If so, be sure to check out the Launch Pad integration built for Blackboard Learn. The integration provides a number of benef...
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  • Upload Excel rubric for quick creation

    Under review
    0 votes
    It would be awesome if you had an import option for the Rubrics tool. Even if it required a pre-made Excel sheet to first be downloaded, that would be very helpful for me as a designer. I get rubrics from my SMEs in E...
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  • Key steps for migrating Java B2 to LTI + REST API

    So far only  have used GitHub - blackboard/BBDN-REST-Demo-PHP as a REST API and setup a test LTI (Tool Provider) with saLTIre Looking for key steps for a simple 'Hello World' kind of Java B2 to LTI + REST API.
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  • Webinar featuring Pronto and Ottawa University

    3/6/19 2:00 PM
    Hello, K-BUG members! Some of you may have heard fellow K-BUGer, Dr. Carine Ullom, speak about Pronto during the K-BUG meeting on February 14. If you're interested in learning more about Blackboard's instant messaging...
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    Webinar featuring Pronto and Ottawa University

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  • *** Upgrade Club 2019 ***

    The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to wha...
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  • prevent new threads

    Is there a way to prevent students from creating new threads in the discussion board?
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  • Default starting (welcome) page in a session

    Under review
    0 votes
    I think many institutions provide a welcome page template (see examples) for their users. Moderators can pre-share a welcome file to help students/attendees to get started smoothly once they join in a session. However...
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  • Odd Notification type

    Catholic University SaaS Continuous Delivery   In System Admin > Courses > Course Settings > Default Notification Settings I noticed event.SC_GRA_UPDATED listed as a notification type. I have a ticket ...
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