• Snap Personal Menu -  Adding Custom User items

    Has anyone managed to add Custom User items to the Personal Menu witihin? I would like to add a hyperlink and a link to a Grade Report in the section highlighted in red.     I currently use a CSS hack to ...
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  • REST API does not return adaptive release details

    I am using the REST API's to check various aspects of our courses. I am trying to use the API to get the availability dates for our online quizzes. The API doc suggests that GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}...
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  • Free text feedback in rubrics

    When entering text feedback in the rubric  final comments section, why does the instructor have to enter it in the "save rubric" section and then again in the "final grade comments" section for it to be visible t...
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  • Archive Restore

    I am wondering if anyone has a good solution for restoring archives without a live Blackboard instance. Coursesites doesn't seem to work.   Would love to see what anyone else out there is doing if anything>
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  • Is it possible to use the get courses endpoint to return only parent modules?

    I see that there are fields on a module that identify whether a module is a parent or not ("hasChildren": true) but I cannot see any way to request this through the get courses endpoint: /learn/api/public/v2/cour...
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  • HELP .... new group using an uploaded file

    Hello, I am new here.  I need help with something very basic but can't seem to find anyone that knows how to do it.  I am a school secretary wanting to send out a mass notification or message to a certain gr...
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  • Ideas for Course Creation / Organization

    Is anyone using the "parent-child" option to connect rosters and grade books with course shells?  I am trying to figure out how I want to re-organize my course creation / setup.  Right now I do it in about t...
    created by jp0070740
  • mobile app

    Hi! Our school is looking to have a mobile app that would then house all school wide apps and resources within this one mobile app. In other words we are looking to integrate the Moodle (Or Open LMS) app into our scho...
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  • Statistics reports - automatic?

    I have been tasked to run the Multi-course User Participation Report daily.  Is there a way to tell Bb to run this every day, without having to remember to go in and manually "run" it?
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  • Is there a way to disable Browse Cloud Storage?

    Hello My fellow System Admins,   Is there a way to disable the "Browse Cloud Storage" option in Assignments. I had an instructor contact us that her students were submitting their documents to the drop box assig...
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  • Transferring a badge to Mozilla backpack?

    Has anyone ever gotten the error that this achievement has not been earned - when trying to transfer a badge to Mozilla backpack? The students can see that they've earned the badge and they hit the "publish" badge to ...
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  • Moving to SaaS and DDA

    In the summer we will be moving from managed hosting with ASR to SaaS and the DDA.    Can anyone offer me any guidance on using DDA - what client are you using to run queries, any help guides etc? 
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  • Download Bb World 19 Session Files

    Does anyone know how you can view/download the uploaded files for the sessions on a regular desktop computer?   I can see them in the app, but I would like to download a couple of them.   Bb DevCon/World 1...
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  • Any Idea how to hide a Bb course link in portal site with out "Disabling"

    Hello My fellow System admins,   Our institution uses Colleague and our workflow is ILP. Now our faculty and students access Bb through their portal site. Once they click on the link to their courses it redirect...
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  • Changes for Q2 2017?

    I just upgraded our test environment to Q2 2017, and I have a couple of plugins that won't re-install properly, throwing "Warning: Error: Custom database schema definition has syntax errors."   I just confirmed ...
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  • Error archiving courses in REST/LTI Developer AMI

    I originally put this question on the documentation for transferring data out of an EC2 instance, but I don't think it gets the visibility there of asking a question here. Sorry for posting in two spots, I can delete ...
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  • Banner Integration for Elearning LIS 2.0 with Blackboard

    Does anyone else use Banner Integration for Elearning with blackboard for importing users/courses/enrollments?  We currently do however I have noticed that not all of our enrollments seem to get mapped up and can...
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  • Learn 2016 Theme Styling Issues

    I'm running into a couple of issues when styling our Bb instance using the 2016 Theme. First issue is in the course menu . Whenever a link is clicked on, a border (or possibly outline?) shows up around the link, but o...
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  • SaaS Java11 admin.jsp: The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permission to access it.

    Hi I'm testing a Building block on a SaaS developer virtual machine. This is the Java 11 DVM,   The main part of the module works but the admin page no longer works. I think this must be permissions either on t...
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  • How to do clean up in enterprise survey?

    We have thousands of surveys created using Enterprise Survey,  How do I batch delete those survey which no longer required?  Can anyone share the SQL query to perform the deletion of Enterprise Survey?
    created by es0056001