• Course Authoring Software

    I'm researching cloud based course authoring software that can be integrated into Blackboard. Any suggestions on what folks are using either alone or in tandem with other products on the market.    Thanks, ...
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  • What happened to the Course ID in the Course Menu?

    It has been brought to my attention by an instructor that the Course ID is no longer showing with the Course Name in the Course Menu upon entering an Original Course View course.  I need this back and I don't fin...
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  • Best Ultra Course that you have seen

    We are doing a pilot with our faculty - to migrate from Original View course to Ultra View Course.   My staff have a hard time trying to figure how to migrate it.  I have emphasized that it will require...
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  • How can i debug building block on VM?

    Hello, I've just begun to develop a building block. I installed a blackboard on the virtual machine. I downloaded the loginAs building block from github and uploaded it to the blackboard. I want to debugging th...
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  • Create content system file as unauthorized user?

    I'm developing a B2 that creates CSV content and saves that content as a file to the content system, and am encountering issues when the logged in user does not have adequate permissions to read/write to the containin...
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  • Lockdown

    The university I work with do not offer Lockdown browser, is there any alternative to lock students inside the exam? My other question is about grading, is there any options to do calculations other than total, perce...
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  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1

    Does anyone know the correct way to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and what the correct and most up to date ciphers are to use? Or SHOULD TLS 1.0 and 1.1 be disabled?   We are running Q2 2019 CU4 (Release 3700.0.4-rel....
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  • download results

    Is there a way to export individual question answers for every student, organized into columns?  For specific student assessment questions, I’m trying to calculate answers by student using this format. ...
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  • How to keep track of groups in Collaborate Ultra?

    I have pointed out that Collaborate Ultra will give screen time to the speaker, but I am still being pressed for something that can keep track of all group members in an open session.    I have proposed the...
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  • Google Assignments LTI

    Has anyone had any luck attaching files from Google Drive in the new Assignments LTI?   We're in the process of testing the Google Assignments LTI but it's not behaving as we expected/ would like it to.  &#...
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  • Caught AccessControlException when accessing system environment variable

    Hi,    When I am trying to enter 'Integration Username', 'Integration Password' and clicked on 'submit' through B2 settings page, page navigated to 'Installed Tools' home page.   But when I revis...
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  • Goals Best Practices

    Hello, I am looking for a way to set up goals correctly and use more robustly.  Currently the goals that had been previously set up are all listed under one goal set, Institutional Assessments> three categori...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate video sideways

    I have a student who reports that her webcam video turns sideways when she connects to audio using the telephone. Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?
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  • Editing Group Set Membership Resets all Group Discussion Forum Names

    https://blackboard.secure.force.com/btbb_articleview?id=kA3390000008aBXCAY&cid=5003900001xZHX8AAO   Anyone knows if this issue has been resolved? we are on Saas Release 3700.14.0-rel.9+dce67da and users are...
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  • Could not load class LearnDataSource

    I am working on upgrading my B2 compatible for Java 11 for Saas environment. I did all necessary changes required to upgrade the B2 (upgraded the JDK to version 11, Black board jar files to latest versions of 3700.16....
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  • Where did the rest of my message go?

    That I was asked today... Ultra nav on, using messages for communication with students. Someone received a long message, clicks on "messages" and then sees the paragraphs cut, all of them. I tried sending the sa...
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  • Anonymous marking

    Hello there We are looking at trialing out the anonymous marking feature of turnitin, however, we don't want it in the live system yet, we want to test it on our staging server but apparently we need to have it enabl...
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  • Sending data from external LTI tools

    Hi Team, I am writing a LTI application which lets an instructor connect to our app and return an embed URL back to Blackboard, as a content item. I am using the "ims-lti" gem and have build the app, and ...
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  • Alternate Grading Schema

    I have an instructor who asked about the possibility of changing Blackboard’s grading scale to his 12-point grading system (where A=12, A-=11, B+=10, etc.).Basically, they want to enter grades using their 12-poi...
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  • Are there plans (or current ability) for students to respond to in-class question prompts on their cell phones which can be graded and update the Gradebook?

    Ideally students would use the Blackboard app on their phone, but I've been advised that it isn't recommended.