• Angular building block conflicting with Prototype

    Hello,   We've written a building block that uses Angular js but are running into conflict issues with Prototype.  Was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and how they resolved them?   Tha...
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  • Search by ?

    Can we search by keywords, e.g., Portfolio, Wiki, etc.?  Otherwise, it'll be hunting through each description in a category. 
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  • File description location in Snap

    I am currently testing the Snap theme for use inside our Moodle based VLE. We have come across an issue with adding description text for uploaded files, in Snap this has moved under Common Module Settings rather than ...
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  • Enterprise Survey Reporting Using OpenDB

    We have been using Enterprise Surveys for end of course evaluations. The default reports are a huge hassle to collect/distribute and cannot show any trending, I'm trying to build a query using OpenDB so we can use cus...
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  • My Messages B2 for SaaS including plans to move to Amazon Corretto 11 (Original Experience)

    My Messages creates a My Messages module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course. Screen Shot of My...
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  • 24/7 Support Vendors

    We are looking at possibly setting up a 24/7 support for our users and wondered if any other universities had ones they recommend.  This support would extend out from just being Bb, including things like SIS. ...
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  • "Record Audio & Video" controlled by "Recording Creation Setting" Building Block?

    https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Interact/Audio_Video_Recording   Located in the US, a faculty has come to us and expressed interest in the above tool.  The only tool I found available under Bui...
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  • Google Analytics and Bb Learn

    At the Learn Office Hours today (2015-09-22) there was some discussion about using Google Analytics (GA) (free) to gather information about usage of Bb Learn. For example, a number of participants were able to quickly...
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  • A Read Only Course Roll

    Hello,   I would like to know if it is possible to create a custom course role, which would allow a user read-only access to a course.  Our primary concern is the grade center.  A user assigned the cus...
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  • Hello - When will the recording of the June 25th session on the Box replacement be made available?

    When will the recording of the June 25th session on the Box replacement be made available? 
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  • Is Q2 2018 compatible with Kaltura building block?

    We updated our test environment to Learn 9.1 Q2 2018, and we have the Kaltura Integration building block (version 5.1.66) installed. We are seeing a blank My Media page. I also get an error when attempting to access K...
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  • Trying to access guests and created through courses?courseId

    REST API Question -    I'm trying to access allowGuests (boolean, optional): Whether guests (users with the role guest) are allowed access to the course. Defaults to true. ,   and    creat...
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  • Create new attempt in LTI content

    When you create a new gradable LTI content and you mark it as a gradable item, it creates a new Gradebook column. This gradebook column is not accessible from the LTI Advantage tool provider using the Assignments and ...
    Alberto Ruiz
    created by Alberto Ruiz
  • Problem with LTI Grades Services

    Hello,   we've detected a strange behavior with the Assignments and Grades Services in the Blackboard Learn implementation.   We create a new Gradable Content placement of our LTI Advantage tool. After tha...
    Alberto Ruiz
    created by Alberto Ruiz
  • LTI Links in Learning Modules Opening in Frame Rather than New Window

    Hi all,   I have created External Links from an LTI tool provider and set them to "Open in a new window". They work properly and send me to the external site when they are in content folders. ...
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  • Hidden for students

    Is it possible to change the default setting regarding visibility for students? We have teachers who should prefere the content to be visible as default, both when you create new items and when you copy from a previou...
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  • Is the Collab REST API production ready?

    Hi, I'm excited about the possibilities open with this tool.   We already can use the test environment for demos and proofs of concept but, can we offer REST API integrations to our clients?. I have a couple of ...
    Alberto Ruiz
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  • Assignment Resubmission

    Hi all!   I'm just setting up a course that has a load of assignment dropboxes, and the tutors have asked for a resubmission dropbox for each assignment, which is going to make the Grade Centre really big and ugl...
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  • Rubric disappears after overriding grade

    Good evening! I have just finished marking some group assignments using the Rubric function in Blackboard. After calculating the mark and writing feedback on the rubric, I adjusted individual marks (based on peer and ...
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  • Import test questions into NEW Course sites?

    Can I import a test pool into the new Course Sites Ultra? Is there a way to upload a specific file type so that I do not have to type all the exam questions one by one?   
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