• Blackboard Ultra Session Recordings Disappear

    Hi,   When our students connect to Blackboard Ultra Portal via LTI Integration from Learn, they go to recordings section and unfortunately the recordings section display only the recent recordings. They have to ...
    created by ey0071400
  • Hibernate 5 issue with OpenJDK 11

    We like to know if OpenJDK 11 is compatible with Hibernate v5 used in building block.   We got this exception while Hibernate 5 loads.   java.security.AccessControlException: access denied ("java.lang.Runt...
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  • SIS Term Duration

    Hi all,   We've had our Banner SIS in place for several years now, and had hands-on blackboard help when we initially set it up.  Now we're planning on moving to Ultra, and the way courses are displayed in ...
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  • Product enhacement request: support for thin client solutions such as Citrix VDI

    Hello BB Support,   in reference to the requirements to use with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing (Blackboard Collaborate with Ultra Experience Moodle LMS -no LTI version- plugin) we would like to propos...
    last modified by tejedor
  • User info in course membership endpoint

    Hi all! I'm trying to get the user info from the "course membership endpoint". Specifically, this is my call https://{host}/learn/api/public/v1/courses/courseId:{myCourseId}/users?expand=user   And, according...
    last modified by av25474
  • How to Hide Test Score

    Hello everyone, At the risk of sounding cruel to my students  -which I probably am, I need the ability to hide the final scores from the online tests I have created. Any chance that such an option exists? Best ...
    last modified by hurol_aslan
  • On Campus Food Delivery

    Has anyone used Transact for an on campus delivery service?  The question came up from our Dining services team - they would like to begin delivery to dorm rooms and take payment through our board cards (or credi...
    last modified by tr25731
  • Live, Automatic Captions in Collaborate?

    Does anyone happen to know if there are plans for live, automatic captioning in Collaborate Ultra? I know that we can currently add captions to a recording and/or us a live manual captioner, but other web-conferencing...
    last modified by aauthier
  • "Dashboard Page" like old Course Sites

    So, in the previous version of Course Sites I had a sort of "Dashboard Page" or "Profile Page" that listed my courses on it. If the courses allowed Guest Access, then anyone who had the link to this "Dashboard" page c...
    last modified by tom.capuano
  • batch upload of profile pictures

    Hi, do you know if there is a way to batch upload picture profiles?   We have them for all of our users (students, instructors, staff) and we want that the Blackboard profile picture is the institutional one (a...
    last modified by sc0076439
  • Delegated grading: Return to grader instead of reconciling

    I am using anonymous, delegated grading of assignments. As the final grader I would like to choose not to reconcile a grade (since the marker has left something out!) but rather to return it to the marker for regradin...
    created by moraig
  • SaaS  SSO

    Hi,   In Chinese,Many SSO program is customized, I find that some private Bb API is used in B2. for example´╝îAuthenticationProviderManagerEx.java is used. could I use this Bb API while I develop the B2 installe...
    created by hel
  • Bb Learn 9.1 - HTML in a portal module: certain HTML tags are filtered out when used by non sysadmin users. Where can I allow a user access to using these tags?

    We gave access to one of our users to manage an HTML portal module. He is linking a css file using <link rel="stylesheet" ..../> and a <script> tag. His scrip tag and rel="stylesheet"  attribute are f...
    last modified by weldin
  • Who see Profiles?

    We had a discussion on profiles - especially Education Level.  One student objected that she was labeled as a "freshman" even after she has graduated with a degree from other university.  So it leads me to t...
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  • BlackBoard's API

    Is BlackBoard's API open to third parties?
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  • Looking for a Cashnet developer

    Any freelancers who can help support an upcoming integration - WordPress site, Gravity Forms. Would love someone with experience.
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  • Questions about BlackBoard's API

    Hello my name is Anthony and I'm currently trying to start a communication app that can be used by students in a class and it can work well using BlackBoard's API. I have the following questions regarding using BlackB...
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  • EdSurge article: Chief Privacy Officers in Higher Ed

    EdSurge article on Chief Privacy Officers in HigherEd: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2019-03-25-chief-privacy-officers-a-small-but-growing-fleet-in-higher-education.
    created by sgeering
  • Courses.WS failing after upgrade to 3400.0.7

    Hi We recently did an urgent upgrade to 3400.0.7 (Q2 2018 CU7) to obtain an Assessments fix. The upgrade seems to have broken our Courses.WS (Soap API), which now throws the following error using both Course.getCour...
    last modified by cb0068753
  • Tool for Course Evaluation?

    Hi everyone! We now use Blackboards survey for course evaluations, but we think it is not good enough as a survey tool, there is some important functionality missing. So, I start here with you, to ask what tool you ...
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