• How do you turn on Accessibility Reports at the Course Level?

    I've perused the content from the help site, but I cannot seem to figure out how to turn on the Accessibility Reports at the Course Level, and I can't even find it in our course tools.  Following is the article I...
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  • Goals Performance

    I have manually entered some Goals, and aligned them in a test to individual questions.  I can check the Goal Performance for each individual student, but would like to have data by goal, course, etc.  How d...
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  • What is the threshold for determining that an upcoming due date is "Soon" for the notification system?

    Faculty have noticed items with due dates over two months away being flagged as being due soon in the daily digest emails. This is obviously not "soon", so I was curious about how the notification system defines ...
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  • Is there a newsletter for developers?

    I was wondering if there is a newsletter or REST API updates/ change log email, etc that I can subscribe to get alerts when changes are made to the API? I just realized there are many deprecated endpoints with the API...
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  • A4L SSRS Menus

    In A4L SSRS I notice in a report that some menus allow me to choose multiple options, and some only allow me to choose one at a time. Does anyone know if/how this can be changed?   Specifically, I need to run the...
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  • Announcements:  Date Restricted, Email Announcement

    Hi This Blackboard Help page says,   "If you set an announcement to appear in the future and choose to send an email announcement, emails are sent only to students who were in your course at that time". &#...
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  • Detailed student login info

    How can I get detailed student login information?  I need to know when a student logged in, and what he did, if this is possible.  I ran the reports that showed how much time he was logged in, and the report...
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  • Hierarchies

    Has anyone had much luck in adding a module to a node within Hierarchies?   In one scenario, I have managed to set up a node where only 4 courses get access to a certain tool, it took a bit of digging and testin...
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  • Has anyone found a way to set the brand color for a course theme in BB Open LMS?

    We use Snap for the site theme and give instructors the option of using Boost for their course theme. Have tried several Boost presets, including the "Color Function Preset for Boost Moodle Theme." The color will some...
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  • Further information in plugin matrix

    When looking at the plugin matrix, it's hard to tell what may be a new plugin that has recently been added/when plugins were added and what version they might be. Is this information available elsewhere or can it be a...
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  • Snap Personal Menu -  Adding Custom User items

    Has anyone managed to add Custom User items to the Personal Menu witihin? I would like to add a hyperlink and a link to a Grade Report in the section highlighted in red.     I currently use a CSS hack to ...
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  • Can I import Goals with an Excel file?

    Running SaaS with Ultra Base Navigation.  Is it possible to import a Goals file with Excel?  I found the instructions for using XML, but this is out of my wheel house.
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  • How to enable the course tiles view in base nav?

    We are running base nav on our test server and I'm wondering how to enable the course tiles (courses with images) in the courses view.  When I look at courses in base nav I don't have an option to switch to tile ...
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  • Dentistry New Patient Box Question Type

    Greetings! I work at a dentistry school. The future board exam will include a patient box type question, which is case based.  If you are not familiar, the question includes patient information, chief complaint ...
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  • LTI Course content tool placement can’t have both deep linking and grading checked

    We are trying to make an LTI Tool Provider for embedding content via ContentItemSelection that should support grading as well. Since version 3400.1.0 it seems that this should be possible if you use placement type Cou...
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  • My Messages B2 for SaaS including plans to move to Amazon Corretto 11 (Original Experience)

    My Messages creates a My Messages module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course. Screen Shot of My...
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  • postCloneCourseEventListener not working anymore

    A few years back, I wrote a custom building block to help us clean up enrollments out of our master/template courses, after they'd been cloned.  In our self hosted environment, running v3500.0.4, the tool is work...
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  • Dropdown menu on blank page

    Is it possible to add a dropdown menu to a "blank" page in Blackboard? If so, could someone provide the html code?
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  • Custom Language packs

    Hello all   Has anyone gone through the arduous task of changing the wording from My Marks to My Grades at all?  This was an update pushed out by BB to facilitate users who preferred the term My Marks and t...
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  • REST API won't let me download student submission

    On the preview-learn site, I was testing the REST API call w/ my classic course _10829_1 GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/attempts/{attemptId}/files/{attemptFileId}/download    Log int...
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