• Caught AccessControlException when accessing system environment variable

    Hi,    When I am trying to enter 'Integration Username', 'Integration Password' and click on 'submit' through B2 settings page, there is no error.   But when I revisited the same settings page th...
    created by gg0043599
  • Whitelist kaltura or other sites in safeHTML Filter

    In order for students to have the ability to add content via an iframe the site needs to be whitelisted in the safeHTML filter.       System Admin > Safe HTML Filters > Safe HTML Filter for Conte...
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  • Could not load class LearnDataSource

    I am working on upgrading my B2 compatible for Java 11 for Saas environment. I did all necessary changes required to upgrade the B2 (upgraded the JDK to version 11, Black board jar files to latest versions of 3700.16....
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  • Where did the rest of my message go?

    That I was asked today... Ultra nav on, using messages for communication with students. Someone received a long message, clicks on "messages" and then sees the paragraphs cut, all of them. I tried sending the sa...
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  • Anonymous marking

    Hello there We are looking at trialing out the anonymous marking feature of turnitin, however, we don't want it in the live system yet, we want to test it on our staging server but apparently we need to have it enabl...
    created by eb0071065
  • Winter Meeting (Leeds) - Info and call for ideas

    Hi All   The winter meeting is less than two months away so it's now time to start thinking about what we want to share. If you have a presentation idea, something you want to share, a discussion topic or an ide...
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  • Sending data from external LTI tools

    Hi Team, I am writing a LTI application which lets an instructor connect to our app and return an embed URL back to Blackboard, as a content item. I am using the "ims-lti" gem and have build the app, and ...
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  • Add Review Status to Blackboard app

    Under review
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    Please consider implementing Review Status functionality to Blackboard app. Instructors use this as part of adaptive release rules - can't be used if students are using the mobile app as the Mark Reviewed button does ...
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  • Blackboard Student App: Show content within a folder description

    Under review
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    We had a case where an instructor had created a folder and then added content within the folder description including attachments.  These do not display at all within the mobile app, so we had reports that "some ...
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  • SafeAssign and the Blackboard Mobile App

    For the past few years, our faculty have been using SafeAssign more and more frequently, and although there have been some bumps along the way, the overall feedback has been that this is a useful tool.   A few ...
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  • UPDATED - Asia Pacific SaaS Virtual Meeting - November 21, 2019 - 12:00 PM Sydney time

    11/20/19 8:00 PM
    Hi,   Hi All,   I am updating this occurrence as we’ll be sharing the stage with the ANZ BB user group (ABUG).  Not only the day/time is changing, we’ll also use a different Collab room: ...
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    UPDATED - Asia Pacific SaaS Virtual Meeting - November 21, 2019 - 12:00 PM Sydney time

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  • hi i am getting the following error while updating to 2018 Q4 kindly help

     Task :install:legacy:licenseReplace FAILED   Error while running tool blackboard.apis.updatetools.tooldefs.system.LicenseReplaceTool with args D:/blackboard/config/license/blackboard-license.xml -FORCE nor...
    created by vm0067953
  • Batch removal of Content Areas

    Under review
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    Hello,   I've noticed some deprecated material that has carried over year to year from an old template we used to use.   I'd like to see some sort of tool that would allow for batch removal of a course con...
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  • Multiple Due Dates for Discussions

    Under review
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    Most of our instructors have separate due dates within a given module for a student's "initial post" to a discussion and a their replies to peers. This is good practice for encouraging an active discussion board....
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  • Managed Hosting, End of Life

    I just heard this announcement was coming soon.  Is it? Does anyone know?
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  • Alternate Grading Schema

    I have an instructor who asked about the possibility of changing Blackboard’s grading scale to his 12-point grading system (where A=12, A-=11, B+=10, etc.).Basically, they want to enter grades using their 12-poi...
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  • Recommended JVM settings

    Below you will find the Blackboard recommended JVM settings with 8gb and 16gb of heap.   Heap Size Settings 8 gb ## java virtual machine config - java bound processes ## bbconfig.min.heapsize.tomcat=8192m bbconfi...
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  • November 2019 Ultra Office Hours - recording and slides

    Recording: https://us.bbcollab.com/recording/1cb49dd6425a4f09968925bf29dba3fc  Slides attached Transcript coming soon Agenda: 1. Presentation from the Demos and Evaluations Team 2. Upcoming Learn S...
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  • Inline Assignment Grading Update: August 2019

    Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest so far in next year's Technical Preview.  I've have captured everyone's name who have emailed me directly, through Support or posted a note in the June update...
    created by juliahakes
  • Prevent users from using Ally to circumvent file permissions

    Under review
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    At present it is possible for any instructor to use Ally to by-pass file permissions in the institutional content area.  The scenario is: There is a file in the institutional content area which the use...
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