• BbWorld18 or BbWorld19, what did you learn?  Share please!

    Ok, I'm recycling for more learning.  Please share one thing you learned at BbWorld18 or BbWorld19!   I learned about something I sort of knew about, but never seriously considered before: template variable...
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  • BbWorld19:  Bb Data/DDA Help

    I enjoyed my time at BbWorld19 and was excited to present another successful presentation with my best friend John Williams.  This BbWorld I decided to focus mostly on the Blackboard Administrator side of things....
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  • Looking Back

    Well, I arrived home - safe and content...and loaded down with swag! Did anyone else have their Turnitin tote become yet another carry-on bag besides me?? BbWorld19 Austin was a wonderful event. I hope that Orlando i...
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  • What is Blackboard Data?

    So, what do you know about Blackboard Data?  How do clients enable it in dev environments?   Here is some public info about it: Introducing Blackboard Data: Accelerating Impact Through Education Insight - ...
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  • Content issues when Course Menu Editing is Removed

    We are MH and we just upgraded to Q2 2018 CU4 on our Production environment.  We have Q2 2018 CU6 on the Test environment.  We had the editing capabilities (privilege) of the Course menu turned off for Instr...
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  • My Favorite Session from BbWorld19?

    I gotta say, I really enjoyed the Bb Learn System Admin Tips and Tricks.  I'm not a system's admin (yet), but I do want to take the certificate courses to learn more about it.  As an Instructional Designer, ...
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  • /WhoAmI

    How do I get the user id with REST please?  Is there a REST API location for us to hit which would indicate which user id is logged in please? I'm struggling to pull the logged in user's id from any of the API ca...
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  • The Pre-Conference session was the best!

    My favorite session so far was the Ultra login branding session, from the pre-conference.  It was great and hands-on and so very helpful!   -- Bevin
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  • BbWorld Takeaways

    What has impacted me the most this week is the Bb community. I have had the opportunity to meet some great people and learn what others are doing at their institutions. I’m excited about the future with BamaBUG!...
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  • Job Opportunity - Instructional Developer at Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY

    Apply online.   About Binghamton University: Binghamton University is a world-class institution that unites more than 130 broadly interdisciplinary educational programs with some of the most vibrant research in ...
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  • Any good software for character creation?

    After attending the session this morning on the creation of Hollywood level videos, I’m interested in seeing if anyone knows of a good software to create your own character/avatar to be used in the software shar...
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  • Thoughts abt math in blackboard

    I was excited to see the hacking that had graspable math. I'm looking to use Bb in more innovative and engaging for math courses without relying as much on the publishing software text book partner. Anyone have experi...
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  • Hello

    Hello, I am excited to be here!!!
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  • Show me the js hack!

    We are starting to investigate js hack and speaking to other institutions and searching the community site I wondered if the community wanted to share hacks they have created or share information on potential hacks? &...
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  • My favorite things...

    At this point, I have two big takeaways: Learning about communities and designing sessions with Peter Baccile and Nancy Collison from Washtenaw Community College! So many new ideas to improve our faculty support and ...
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  • Attn: Starfish users in SaaS CD

    Good afternoon!   This post is targeting institutions who are in SaaS on Continuous Delivery and use version 7.1.x or 7.5.x of the Starfish building block.   In the Release Notes for 3700.5.0 (https://help...
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  • Giddy about the keynote!

    Robert Reich was an amazing person to have for the opening keynote! As an educator and policy maker he provided an engaging conversation about the importance of education in our society.
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  • BbRest : Questions welcome

    Starting off a discussion about REST APIs in Python - I'm happy to discuss!  I've had a bunch of people come up to me and talk - but I'd love to continue the conversation in this discussion.
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  • Favorite Take Away from BbWorld

    I can hardly wait for our move to Bb Learn SaaS with the knowledge of BbData and all the cool things and features delivered! Excited for good things to come!
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  • Caliper questions on Q4 2016 Test Instance

    I am getting Telemetry for Caliper initially setup via MH for our test environment which has Q4 2016 on it.   Article No.: 000043224 references several Caliper profiles and it mentions needing to have an event s...
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