• *** Upgrade Club 2019 ***

    The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to wha...
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  • DDA Enrollment Query Displays Child Enrollments in Parent Courses.

    Hi everyone! I have a DDA query (shown below) I’ve been using to capture enrollments and last access data. We’ve found an issue with how this displays enrollments from crosslisted/merged courses. Enrollmen...
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  • How do you handle "cross-listed" or "merged" courses?

    We're trying to rethink how we handle these unique sections. In our current setup, we do all of the cross-listed/merged sections on the registrar's side, and then the newly-combined course is pushed to Blackboard like...
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  • Show me the js hack!

    We are starting to investigate js hack and speaking to other institutions and searching the community site I wondered if the community wanted to share hacks they have created or share information on potential hacks? &...
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  • Attn: Starfish users in SaaS CD

    Good afternoon!   This post is targeting institutions who are in SaaS on Continuous Delivery and use version 7.1.x or 7.5.x of the Starfish building block.   In the Release Notes for 3700.5.0 (https://help...
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  • What is Blackboard Data?

    So, what do you know about Blackboard Data?  How do clients enable it in dev environments?   Here is some public info about it: Introducing Blackboard Data: Accelerating Impact Through Education Insight - ...
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  • Hackboard:Data User Stories

    Please reply to this thread with your user stories, in the format “As a [Role], I need to know [Question], so that I can [Action], in order to [Goal]”. for example: "As a Programme Leader, I need to know ...
    Steve Bailey
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  • OneNote use in Blackboard Learn

    Hi! It is my understanding that there is a way to incorporate OneNote notebooks into the Blackboard environment. Has anyone used it, and, if so, what do you think of it and how does it look? Thanks!
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  • Comparison of Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra Courses

    I've been working on a document to give us a snapshot of the feature differences between Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra courses.   I thought this might be useful to the wider community, so thought i'd ...
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  • BBMHUG will now be meeting at Sheffield TELFest on 3rd July!

    Collaborate link for 3rd July: Bb Collaborate    Join us for the next Blackboard Medicine and Healthcare User Group on July 3rd at the University of Sheffield, running alongside the free-to-attend TELF...
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  • Clean theme -- please 'adopt' the programming to keep alive

    Is it possible for Bb to consider keeping clean alive as it's own theme? Snap is a core Bb theme, it would be really great for the clean theme to be adopted by Bb going forward, rather than it being a moodle core, Bb ...
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  • Blackboard App and Turnitin Update: Displaying Tii Due Dates

    Note: this post only applies to institutions using Turnitin.   I wanted to provide the community with an update around displaying Turnitin due dates in the Blackboard app. We really appreciate all the feedback ...
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  • Looking for a learning object repository

    We are looking for a learning object repository that can integrate with Blackboard to store  content in a manner that can be searched meaningfully (perhaps with keywords/metadata). Something similar to ...
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  • Monitoring Uptime for SafeAssign and New Box View

    The site status.blackboard.com allows us to see the status of Bb products. We want to provide a one-stop place for our students and staff to go to check on all elements of our University.  We are currently d...
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  • Job Opportunity: Educational Technology & Instructional Design Specialist at College of Lake County

    College of Lake County’s Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technology Center (TLETC) is seeking a specialist to join their team! The TLETC is dedicated to providing faculty development opportunities ...
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  • Guest access in Blackboard Learn 9.1

    Hello, I have developed a resource in Articulate Rise and I want to give access to our potential new learners, but without any additional logging.   We are using Blackboard Learn 9.1 and our platform is cloud-ho...
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  • Ultra Course Cards Delete/Replace Banners?

    *We are still using original course view.  But the Ultra navigation. From what I am seeing if you change your new Course Card image it replaces your banner image, normally changed in Learning Styles.  Once ...
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  • Achievements/badges in Ultra view courses

    Hi,   I'm working with a tutor who's running a pilot with the Ultra view on a course and would like to provide some incentive to engage via a digital badge (under Original view would have been via Achievements)....
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  • Show us your Institution Page!!

    Disclaimer: this is in no way derivative or inspired by other "Show us your ..." discussions created in the community. (I think original credit for these "show us your" discussions goes to Chris Boon from City Colle...
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  • Will You Be at BbWorld?

    We're excited to see everyone at the end of July! Planning on stopping by our booth? What are you interested in hearing about. Let us know!
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