• Blackboard Analytics Item Activity Tracking Issues

    Hi Everyone,   I am part of the Learning Analytics team responsible for Blackboard Analytics at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. We have recently done a deep-dive into the data to investigate some ...
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  • Blackboard App Grade/Mark Colour Updates

    Hi everyone,   I want to provide the community an update on some upcoming mobile work related to grade/mark colour used in the Blackboard app.   Background: In the last few days some clients have contacted...
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  • Spring Meeting

    OK folks the spring meeting is getting closer so it's time to ask for input about what you want from this one. Looking for volunteers for presentations, discussion topics and anything else you would like to share. ...
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  • The Death of Kibana - how are you replacing it?

    I know there was a lot of talk about the logs and replacing Kibana last fall where we offered a lot of feedback. I remember having discussions about linking the logs up with AWS to use with our own log parsers, etc. I...
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  • *** Upgrade Club 2019 ***

    The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to wha...
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  • March 14th - Office Hours Recording

    Here is the link to the recording and the Powerpoint. I also shared the presentation from Merrimack College. Bb Collaborate
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  • What to do in Austin?

    Starting the thread...
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  • LMS shopping...

    Hey all,   Let me preface this by saying I realize this is a weird forum to asking this question...and...it was not my idea...   I have been tasked with doing some LMS comps by my management team.  I ...
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  • "...and continue our momentum towards being a fully SaaS business."

    Bill Ballhaus Reflecting on 2018: Laying the Ground Work for the Next 20 Years in Education - Blackboard Blog.  In reading this blog, there is no reaching out to the self/managed hosted clients with roadmaps. Sigh.
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  • List of B2s not supported in SaaS?

    Hi All: I'm wondering if anyone has a list of the B2s that are not supported in the SaaS environment. It is hard to believe that with over 500 clients migrated to SaaS that there isn't a list.  Any assistance wo...
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  • Collaborate Ultra and Recording a YouTube Clip with both Video and Audio

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to record a YouTube clip with audio and video while participating in a collaborate Ultra session?  Will Collaborate Ultra record a YouTube clip during a screenshare with full ...
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  • Questions about making your own 2016 theme

    So as not to fill the brilliant thread Learn 2016 Theme Issues & Fixes Master List with my questions I will post them here.   Having decided that we will have to make a theme rather than just using the GUI b...
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  • Q2 2018 CU8 and Turnitin ?

    On the releases notes, it has The Turn It In (TII) integration has been update to support notifications for Assignments. When an assignment is submitted before the due date, past due email notifications will not be ...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings

    HI:   Has anyone heard of or experienced BCU recordings disappearing? We looked on the recordings page. One of our faculty member cannot locate his old recordings. However, he admits he may have done something w...
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  • Illinois Tech is looking for a Sys Admin (Bb SaaS CD)

    https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1134614966/   Exciting opportunity to join Illinois Tech as the Learning Administrator/Instructional Technologist! Learning Management System specialists – this is an ex...
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  • Migrating 2012 Course Menu Colours to 2016 Theme Colours

    I was wondering if people have some advice on the steps involved in migrating course menu colours from the 2012 theme to the 2016 theme. I have a lot of the colours done in the CSS but how they interact with the GUI/c...
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  • New Box View Draw Function - Browsers

    Does anyone know what browsers work with the draw function on the new box view?  When I try Chrome with the latest update I get "annotation could not be created."  When I use Microsoft Edge it thinks the mou...
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  • Updated: Changes to Java JDK and impact to Building Blocks in Learn SaaS

    Updated 8 March 2019 To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt the latest version of OpenJDK as it’s released. We previously announced this chan...
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  • Community Tabs & Modules - Institution Page in Ultra

    As I continue to evaluate Ultra and Base Navigation, I see that the Ultra Institution Page is evolving with modules and links. I don't know if the intent is to bring these features up to the current customization leve...
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  • Create Recording Feature to launch in EU on 7 March

    I've just seen this article: https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb_articleview?id=kAA39000000CbCtGAK which announces the availability of the audio and video recording facility for student feedback for clien...
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